Prof. Dr. Aksoy, 'Rail System Is Not The Priority Of Trabzon'

prof dr aksoy rail system is not a priority issue of handrail
prof dr aksoy rail system is not a priority issue of handrail

Professor Dr. Aksoy, "Rail system is not the subject of today," he said, gave striking messages. Aksoy, local governments, "City hospital-rail system instead of large investments, such as the southern environment express road should be built," he suggested.

Trabzon is dominated by many points and knows the general problems of the city is one of the names. Dr. Atakan Aksoy made important statements about rail system, city hospital and southern ring road projects. Expressing that the rail system is not the subject of today, Aksoy said, yerine Instead of big investments such as city hospital-rail system, the 'south environment express highway should be made'. Underlining that the municipality is doing the right moves Aksoy, "It should continue by prioritizing the express road to the south environment," he said.

Here are the statements of Aksoy:


Recently, investments such as city hospital and rail system are being discussed in Trabzon. It has been stated that such investments will be realized, planned etc. for quite some time. Priorities should be put forward. Today, Trabzon is not a rail system. There is an important time period for the rail system investment to come to the agenda in terms of investment priorities. Priority should be given to the southern ring road in order to provide resources for other projects in order to use resources efficiently and solve problems.


In the initial investment plan, the southern perimeter road based on tunnels should be started at the city crossing point in the first stage of the city, such as 4.5km-5km units (SOUTH TO THE SOUND AXLE). The southern perimeter road based on the tunnels will also finance itself significantly during construction. In other words, it has the advantage of financing the construction cost significantly. It will create expropriation advantages as it will be largely based on tunnels.


I think it makes sense to carry the current bus station of Trabzon. The bus station in the middle of the city center is a problem due to the lack of intersections and traffic jams. Overlays and decelerations in the main pass cause permanent damage to the coatings. It will be useful to move the bus station to the designated area. The location of the bus station contributes to the solution, especially at the point of interaction with Kanuni Boulevard and the interactions with it and other connections when the southern highway is built. However, due to the delays and delays achieved in any case, the priority of the southern ring road should be given priority especially in the city crossing.


The idea of ​​creating landfill areas targeted by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality in the west and east of the city is a positive approach. This is a topic that will generate profitability for investors who will continue to operate in regionally different local areas. However; Depending on the type of transported floors, a further benefit may be provided at the storage location.

It was late for TRABZON…

The southern express road based on tunnels is a rather delayed priority of Trabzon city. The subject of the rail system is not the subject of today. The southern express road, which will largely solve the problems of Trabzon, should be started immediately on the specified routes. With the resolution of these problems, new zone regions will be created, travels and population will increase and important alternatives will be created for rapid development and other problems to be solved.


In summary, priority should be given to city crossing to the southern ring road. Resources should be transferred here. 3 can be finished easily during the year. It should be largely based on tunnels. Trabzon in five years, the Eastern Black Sea Region is the leading province. The rapid development of Trabzon also contributes greatly to the provinces of the region. Priority is given to the construction of Trabzon South Ring Road instead of city hospital and rail system priorities.


In Boztepe, the bad image revealed by the tunnel passages forming defective land can be removed by landscape measures to be taken after construction activities. Greening works, special masonry walls and cladding structures and complementary interventions can be done. Had the southern perimeter highway been constructed based on tunnels, Trabzon's problems would have been overcome. Kanuni Boulevard and the expenditures made in this context would not be needed to a great extent and Trabzon could continue to exist as a much more modern city. The planned road at this stage will develop the Çukurçayır succession zones and will still be a partial solution. (the Karadenizgazete)

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