Pedestrian Work Pedestrian Crossings Are Renewed First in Balıkesir

pedestrian crossing in balikesir
pedestrian crossing in balikesir

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, the traffic flow in the city center in order to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets and boulevards pedestrian crossing lines and parking lines are doing renovation work. Teams, pedestrian crossings, "Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year" prepared under the "Pedestrian First" logo is used.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department teams, especially in front of the school; street and boulevards with road line renewal direction information sheet works. Teams are encouraged to see the increasing urban traffic density with the opening of schools; to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians throughout the city in order to prevent accidents, prevent traffic accidents and prevent accidents.


As the Ministry of Interior declared the current year as “Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year” with the slogan elik Priority of Life, Priority of the Pedestrian belediye, municipal teams that use the “Pedestrian First” logo on their pedestrian crossings, prioritize their work; schools and health centers.


Connected to the central square; Cihat Bilgihan Avenue, Ertugrul Gazi Avenue, Mehmet Akif Ersoy Avenue, Okul Avenue, Cevre Yolu Avenue, Dereboyu Avenue and Ivrindi, Bigadic and Kepsut districts completed the road line works, the creation of awareness of pedestrian priority and the use of pedestrian crossings in the traffic will spread to all counties.

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