Three New Underpasses to the Capital

new underpass
new underpass

Teams of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Works, each underpass at the junction of Konutkent Neighborhood and Yaşamkent Neighborhood and 7 / 24 works for the construction of U-turn underpass after the entrance gate in front of Başkent University.

The Metropolitan Municipality aims to provide uninterrupted traffic in the direction of Ankara-Eskişehir and to reduce the traffic density with its underpass at three points.

When the works are completed, the length of the underpass of Konutkent Junction will be 700 meters, the length of the U-pass under the capital will be 400 meters, and the Yaşamkent junction will be 700 meters.


In order to prevent disruption of traffic flow, the Metropolitan Municipality provides drivers with an alternative route from Eskişehir Yolu to Ankara.

The alternative route starts from 3250 Street and continues along the 3222, 3035, 2945 and 2629 Streets.

Planning to complete the 3 underpass project on Dumlupınar Boulevard in a short time, the Metropolitan Municipality will also implement the alternative boulevard project to Etimesgut Istasyon Street with a multi-storey junction to Şaşmaz Sanayi Boulevard.



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