Mezitli Four Arms Asphalted

mezitli four arm asphalting
mezitli four arm asphalting

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to meet the needs of citizens at various points of the city and to renew and develop Mersin. Within this scope, asphalting works are continuing in both rural and urban areas. The demands of the village headmen are also evaluated and the works are completed quickly.

Asphalt works on 5 important street

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department by teams of Mersin Mezitli district Barbaros, Menderes, Gazipasa, Fatih and Cumhuriyet Street asphalt work was completed. In these five streets, a total of 4 thousand 910 tons of hot asphalt was used. Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Street paving works started in the ongoing.

Asphalt arrives with President Seçer

Aziz Aydoğdu, the Mayor of Deniz Quarter, thanked Vahap Seçer, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and said, iz We thank you very much on behalf of our neighborhood. It's my second term in the mukhtar. Asphalting was not done due to electricity and natural gas works between the elections. Mr. Vahap came and started paving. ”

The headman of the İstiklal neighborhood, Yasemin Demiralp, stated that he started to work in the new election period and said, MES MESKI had worked here before I became the muhtar. For about a year, our roads had been terrible, very bad. Thanks to Vahap Bey after the elections, he became the mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and then took our hands. El

Davultepe District Mukhtar Durmuş Usta thanked Mersin Mayor Vahap Seçer and pointed out that the roads are broken and the roads are asphalted for the first time since a long time.


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