Mevlana Junction Reopened to Traffic

mevlana intersection was opened again traffic
mevlana intersection was opened again traffic

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit Mevlana Junction Junction tramway can pass through the closure of the Kuruçeşme Beach Road line that provides connection to İnkılap Avenue, Highway Street and Salim Dervişoğlu Street before connecting the branch opened to vehicle traffic. Metropolitan Municipality teams opened the road to traffic with their work in a short time made the road ready to enter the new education and training period.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the satisfaction of citizens kazanIn order for the Akçaray Tram Line to reach the Kuruçeşme region, the construction of an underpass where the tram could pass to the Izmit Mevlana Junction was initiated. Within the scope of this construction, the branch connecting İnkılap Street to Karayolu Street and the branch connecting İnkılap Street to Karayolu Street of Mevlana Junction, which connects Kuruçeşme Beachyolu line, and the branch connecting to Salim Dervişoğlu Street, were determined by alternative roads and closed to traffic.


The Mevlana Junction, which was closed, was completed in a short time after the feverish and fast works and reopened to traffic at 24.00 last night. 2019-2020 new education period before the beginning of the work of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality teams completed and opened to traffic road, the citizens were satisfied.

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