Transfer of Metro Vehicle Purchase to the Ministry Will Contribute to 1 Billion in Konya

transfer of the subway vehicle purchase to the ministry will provide billion billion contribution
transfer of the subway vehicle purchase to the ministry will provide billion billion contribution

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Ugur Ibrahim Altay, chaired by the Assembly meeting of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave the glad tidings of the Konya Metro during the first stage of the tender this month, 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya and made statements about the beet prices.


Mayor Altay stated that a protocol has been made with the Ministry of Transport regarding the purchase of metro vehicles by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and said, “This is a figure of 1 billion pounds. With the support of Mr. President, Minister of Transportation, Deputy Chairman, Ministers and Organization, all the vehicle purchases were taken from Konya Metropolitan Municipality under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation. These were included in the tender. I would like to thank the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, the Minister of Health, the Deputy Mayor and the Provincial President, especially for the President of the Republic. This is a turning point for Konya Metropolitan Municipality ”.


Referring to the Konya program, which was held by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank at the weekend, President Altay said, “ASELSAN is making a very important investment in Konya. 300 laid the foundation in a thousand square meter area and productions continue. Around this, we transfer the property of 1,5 million square meters owned by our Metropolitan Municipality to Milli Emlak. Here, we took the floor from our Minister for the establishment of a mixed industrial zone. Thus, a new breakthrough will begin in Konya, especially in the arms and defense industries, and new investments will come. All these works to prepare our Kony for a very beautiful future. I hope it will be beneficial on behalf of our city..


AK Party Konya Deputy Ziya Altunyaldız who made a speech by attending the meeting of the Assembly, 31 March Local Elections to move the bar to a higher point in the Metropolitan Mayor and district mayors, he said. Stating that they will continue to work in unity and solidarity to serve more qualified, more qualified and more competitive service to Konya and Konya with each district in Konya as the deputies of Konya. they will continue to support mayors who are trying to raise the bar much higher.


Altunyaldız continued his speech by pointing out the importance of producing: “Producing is a great thing, a great thing. Produce is to be there. Produce is to secure the future. That's why we have to produce. We will continue to do whatever it takes to produce. Metropolitan Municipality, with all our districts and deputies, we have caught such a beauty. An experienced Metropolitan Mayor, most of our district mayors are experienced from metropolitan or districts. We, as Konya deputies, will continue to support you at all times. I have an oyster; we have to continue the service understanding that prioritizes production, we must continue to be with the people who produce. If we are producing, we are contributing to society, humanity and our country ”.

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