Pre-Negotiations with Companies Start for Mersin Metro

invitations to companies started to send mersin subway
invitations to companies started to send mersin subway

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer said that they started to send invitations to companies for Mersin Metro which was taken into 2019 investment program by the Presidency.

Saying that they have come to a new stage in Mersin Metro, Seçer said, “They started to send invitations to their companies and said, ım I signed an invitation to 3 for foreign companies. a company from Turkey in it there, there are also Chinese investors. This invitation is for tender, not for pre-interview. We want to give both financing and construction as a package. Let them build our construction and find their own financing. Let us also start a comfortable payment schedule, at least 5-6 years later; You get an 10-15 year period for payment. Let's pay some income from some of our own resources. We are planning this. ”

Mersin Metro City Development Project

Seçer stated that in the Metro study, the discomfort to the environment, how many years will end and possible mishaps and disruptions are planned to the finest details, Seçer said: “We think about 50 and make a decision. Every penny is very important. They have repayments, 4 has a construction period like years. Already this 18,7 kilometers. Approximately 6 kilometers of this underground tunneling machine will be drilled with TBM, will not cause any discomfort on the surface. The other part will be done with the close and open method, but it will be the last system. A different system, first do the upper side, then the lower side of the outside without much disturbance is realized. This is important to us. A disturbance to the environment may cause trouble. It is important that it finishes in normal time and that it is activated quickly. Metro is important. It is also important for the development of a city. Not only as a public transport project, but also as a city development project. ”

Route of Mersin Metro

Mersin Metro Line 1 4 1080 vehicles with a single time 20 passenger / expedition capacity will be built and 15 km double-line rail, 2600 station and 1 car parking information was given. Daily passenger capacity of the Mersin Metro Line 262 will be 231 thousand XNUMX passengers / days.

The route of the Mersin Metro Line 1 will be between Cumhuriyet-Soli-Mezitli-Babil-Fuar-Marina-Liseler-Forum-Türk Telekom-Tulumba-Özgür Children's Park-Gar-Üçocak-Mersin Metropolitan Municipality New Service Building and Free Zone. In the first stage will be served with the 80 vehicle, which includes the backups of the number of subway vehicles, and 2029 additional vehicles in 4, while in 2036 12 additional vehicles will be added.

Within the scope of the Master Plan of Transportation, the Mersin Metro Line 1 will solve the traffic problem, which is one of the problems of Mersin, for many years.

Mersin Metro Line 1, which will be an innovative subway for Mersin, will provide a versatile functional, low-cost, fast-to-construct, aesthetic in urban sense and a secure service in terms of transportation. All of the stations will be located underground and will only be built semi-open by a method that will be applied for the first time in the world.

Mersin Metro Stations

Free zone,
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality,
January 3rd,
Free Playground
Turkish Telecom
High Schools,

The main aim of the design is to integrate the transportation system with the special transportation activities of the transportation system, for this purpose, the metro line will be planned as the upper floor of the parking lot along with the car park. It should be constructed with a special semi-open system, the stations are considered as urban living areas outside of transportation, they can be seen fast, buffet, bookstore, fast food, rest etc. It is envisaged that planning of commercial units with functionality, creation of green areas and use of openings for natural ventilation. 2030 921.655; daily total number of public transport passengers 1.509.491; The daily total main backbone is expected to be 729.561 of the number of passengers on public transport lines and the daily total number of passengers on the wheel of the system.

Map of Mersin Metro


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