Meaningful Message to the World from Fancy Women Bicycle Tour

meaningful message from cycling women to the world
meaningful message from cycling women to the world

A group of women who met for the first time in 2013 through social media in Izmir in order to promote bicycle use in order to ensure sustainable transportation in cities; fills the streets with their bikes. The “Fancy Women's Bicycle Tour en, which was organized by women as a civil grassroots movement, took place simultaneously in 2017 city and 112 country, including Mersin. Supporters of the Metropolitan Municipality, the event, Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Selecter, his wife Meral Selecter attended.

Hundreds of women-men, young-old citizens, who are at the forefront of women, pedaling on the 10 kilometer road from Yenişehir District Uğur Mumcu Park to Mezitli Soli Pompeiopolis Ancient City. Women who met with the concert of the Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra at the destination had enthusiastic moments.

Farkınd Awareness activity for the future of our city and the world ”

Turkey Union of Municipalities celebrated the national coordinator, and this year's theme of "Safe Walking and Cycling" with European Mobility Haftası'yl also held in the same month fancy Women Bike Tour, in 2013 "in cities get perfume instead of exhaust smell," it began with the motto. The civilian grassroots movement organized by Sema Gür through social media in İzmir took place simultaneously at the same time in 2017 city, 50 city in 2018, 70 city and 112 city this year. Meral Seçer, who pedals with hundreds of women on the Mersin leg of the event, emphasized that the event creates an awareness and said, “This week is the European Mobility Week. Fancy women's cycling tour takes place around the world at the same time. This creates awareness. There will be no exhaust gas on the street during these hours. In fact, this is an awareness event for the future of our city and the world. I would like them to be done more effectively by women. ”

Embellished to draw attention to bicycle awareness

Ebru Budur, who coordinated the Mersin leg of the event, stated that they were decorated to attract attention and raise interest in the awareness event. tour began. Then, because this goal was found to be very accurate, it spread to all cities. This is my fifth year in Mersin. This is our third event this year. Our goal is to encourage more women to ride bicycles and to draw attention to the need for sustainable transport and cycling, safe roads for both the community and local governments. That's why we dress up. Because we said bicycle, did not draw attention, freedom, did not draw attention. We were decorated. ”

A beautiful message was given to the world from the streets of Mersin

Mayor Vahap Seçer and his wife Meral Seçer'in expressed their satisfaction that this is between them, thanked the President for their support. Stating that they are a voluntary organization, ur Today, our Mayor Vahap Seçer accompanied us. This is a civilian base movement. We are not a roof, we are not any institution. We are not affiliated with any association. She volunteers in every city. I get the biggest support from women in doing such an organization. Because women make it publicized and spread. But I also apply to our municipality for orchestra, music, entertainment and some services. Metropolitan Municipality did not leave me alone in this sense. Last week, our wife's wife, Meral, called me and said they wanted to join me. They are all role models in society. In this sense, their participation is very valuable. I believe that everyone from 9 to 70 is giving a nice message to the community on this tour. ”

“Bicycle is an indication of civilization”

Women who participated in the event shared their excitement with hundreds of people who came together for the same purpose. Nilgün Doğan Sarpkaya stated that she has been interested in cycling for many years and said the following about the event:

“I've been cycling since I was a kid. I really love biking. I'm trying to vaccinate my daughter. For sports, nature I always cycling. I go cycling a lot on the ground. It was very nice, very nice. Giving us superiority on the roads during the event was already a joy. I hope it happens more often and more. The proportion of bicycles in a country is indicative of civilization. Unfortunately, we have a very low rate. We also thank him because I've been seeing beauty in the city lately, it seems to me. There is comfort in the city now. This event was for women. It was great that our President was with his wife..

Little Elif called everyone to ride a bike

Elif Asya Işık, who was interested in cycling at a young age and attended the event with her mother and learned to ride a year ago, called the citizens and said:

Bisiklet It was so nice to ride the bike with people on the road. Every woman should ride a bicycle. Everyone, every child, people of all ages should ride bicycles. ”

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