Public Transportation Fair Organization in İzmir

mass transportation fair organization in izmir
mass transportation fair organization in izmir

6-15 88 to be held from September to September. Due to the İzmir International Fair, public transportation within the city was reinforced with additional flights, and the duration of flights was extended. Gulf ferries will make an Owl expedition every night during the fair.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will host the city 10 during the 88 day. Izmir International Fair due to a series of public transport went to organize. Within this scope, additional flights were put to the lines departing from ESHOT General Directorate, Konak Bahribaba stops and İZBAN, tram and metro connected transfer centers. On some lines, in connection with the rail system, the service hours have been extended to 02.05. Also connected to Konak Bahribaba are Balçova, Buca, Bornova, Karşıyaka and the “Owl Expeditions veren, which serve Gaziemir regions, will work until 06.00 in the morning. Motorized teams will also work to ensure coordination at important points around the Fair such as Çankaya, Montreux, Lausanne and Basmane. More information about the schedule is available at.

mass transportation fair organization in izmir
mass transportation fair organization in izmir

40 additional expedition from İZBAN during the fair

İZBAN, 6 September 2019 will open its doors on Friday. During the İzmir International Fair, 40 will organize additional flights. The trains going to Aliağa direction will pass 01.12 and 01.29 from Hilal, 01.17 and 01.34 from Alsancak, 01.23 and 01.45 from Halkapınar. The trains going to Tepeköy will pass at 01.17 and 01.45 from Halkapınar, 01.25 and 01.53 from Alsancak, 01.28 and 01.56 from Hilal. The first additional flights will end in Aliağa and Tepeköy, and the second additional flights will end in Çiğli and Cumaovası. Transfer between IZBAN and Izmir Metro from Halkapinar will be provided.

Metro and tram times are longer

Izmir Metro and Konak Karşıyaka During the İzmir International Fair, tramways extend their flights by 1 hours. The last time on these lines will be done at 01.20. As a result of the arrangement made in addition to the current tariff, 00.20-01.20-7,5 every minute between Izmir Metro and Konak Tramways during the fair period, Karşıyaka On the tram, 10 will be held once a minute.

Owl expedition every night in the Gulf

In the maritime transportation, measures were taken to facilitate transportation during the İzmir International Fair. 6-15 From September to September, the gulf ferries will charge an Owl expedition every night.

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