Marmara Urban Forum 01-03 will be held in Istanbul at October 2019

marmara urban forum
marmara urban forum

01-03 Marmara International Forum (MARUF) will be held in Istanbul for the first time in October 2019 (Marmara Urban Forum-MARUF). technologies and from innovation to public space. NGO representatives from the mayors from the world and Turkey, all stakeholders in the city to academics technology organizations are coming together on the same platform. 25 panels, simultaneous sessions, interviews, roundtables, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, competitions and technical trips will be held throughout the day.

Marmara Union of Municipalities is an Istanbul-based city forum that will become a global brand for Turkey in the field of urban planning, with the Marmara Urban Forum (MARUF) to be held every two years at the international level. kazanaims to climb. MARUF, which will be held for the first time on 1-3 October 2019 at the Istanbul Congress Center, will bring together all stakeholders who play an important role in the design, transformation and management of cities, and different approaches to urban services and city management will be evaluated together. The forum, which will be held at an international level every two years, will provide a basis for sharing knowledge, experience and opportunities with more than 25 speakers from 200 countries and more than 3000 participants.


MARUF is organized with the motto “Cities Producing Solutions usunda in line with the Sustainable Development Goals; it will be a platform where different voices will come together to discuss the importance and function of cities as well as the problems of cities, and prepare a platform for sharing global and local information. Forum; The aim of this course is to examine the economic, political, social, ecological changes and problems created by the urbanization process in the lives of individuals and societies and in the city, in solidarity and cooperation at local, regional, national and international levels.


In its first year, MARUF will provide a detailed overview of the world of cities with the 12 theme with a broad perspective: Environment and Climate Change, Urban Technologies and Innovation, Transport and Mobility, Urban Infrastructure, Housing and Built, Environment, Migration, City Networks, Local Development, Social Inclusion , Durability, Public Space, Governance.

MARUF aims to strengthen the role of local governments and cities in crises and human mobility situations for various reasons, to raise awareness on safe, inclusive, durable and sustainable urbanization, to contribute to the formation of a more livable and egalitarian world of cities, and to provide information flow between cities and city-regions. and supporting networks of relations between cities.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the General EU Presidency, IFCA, UNDP Turkey, Swedish Institute, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities, International Association of Public Transport (UITP), the Turkey organizations such as the Association of Municipalities as well as the Marmara region is located in several municipalities, development agencies and university places the forum's executive and advisory board received from Turkey and many names from the world powers have come together. The media partners of the forum are TRT and TRT World.

All information and registration for the forum is free of charge. You can visit.

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