Visa Alert on Denizli Student Card

marine student visa warning on the card
marine student visa warning on the card

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, 2019-2020 academic year due to the start of the students “Denizli Student Card vize warned to get a visa. The visa period 30 will expire on September 2019.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has issued a visa warning in Denizli Student Cards that it offers for use in the city bus transportation. 2019-2020 in the warning made due to the beginning of the academic year Denizli Student Cards visa must be made, it is announced that the cards can not be used. It is stated that the last visa date of Denizli Student Cards is until 30 September 2019. It was pointed out that Denizli Student Cards without a visa will be invalid after 02 October 2019 date.

Required documents for visa procedures

The documents required for visa procedures are explained as follows: öğrenci Student certificate of 2019-2020 academic year (Student certificate obtained from E-Government and student identity card with 2019-2020 education term replaces student certificate) ”NOTE: Birth It is sufficient for the students to come with their ID cards until 2003.

The necessary documents for the new Denizli Student Card

The documents required to issue a new Denizli Student Card are as follows: öğrenci Student certificate for 2019-2020 academic year (Student certificate obtained from E-Government and bandnote student identification card for 2019-2020 education term replaces student certificate.) Last 6 1 photos taken during the month. ”NOTE: It is sufficient for students whose birth date is 2003 to bring ID cards and 1 photos.

Denizli Student Card beneficiaries

The students, university students, graduate students, graduate and doctorate students, vocational education directorates (apprenticeship education), open education faculty students (2 years, 4 year, 4 years) annuals (7 year student rights), vocational high school students, military high school students and police vocational high school students can benefit.

Where is the visa procedure?

The visa procedures of citizens belong to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. The former Special Administrative Building Card Filling Center, Bayramyeri Square Card Filling Center, Bus Station Card Filling Center, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Card Filling Center said they can do.

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