Regulations to Relieve Traffic in Konya

arrangements to ease traffic in Konya
arrangements to ease traffic in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality is conducting works to ensure the safety of life and property of pedestrians in traffic.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which builds new crossroads and streets for the smooth flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic throughout the city, is also making new arrangements upon the demands of citizens.

Continuing to work in coordination with all infrastructure units, the Metropolitan Municipality is making important arrangements for pedestrians under the Rauf Denktaş Underpass and Vatan Köprülü Junction on Rauf Denktaş Street, which is one of the important transportation axes of the city.

In order to ensure the safety of the citizens who use Rauf Denktaş underpass as pedestrian, the installation of auto railing on the pedestrian sidewalk begins; pedestrians will be able to pass through the underpass more safely after the works planned to be completed within a few days.

Vatan Street and Beysehir Street, which connects the high-speed train underpass that will allow pedestrians to cross the metropolitan commencement work, pedestrians for the pavement arrangement and accordingly will make arrangements in the median.


Metropolitan Municipality continues to make arrangements at important intersections in the city center to increase the flow of traffic. Aydınlıkevler Bridge over the intersection, Karatay Industrial and Old Industrial junction at the junction; intersection of the rotating island, vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic is planned to increase the cruise speed.

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