Transportation Arrived in Kocaeli


Transportation Coordination Center Seka Park Hotel was expected to come to Kocaeli on the meeting was held about the transportation hike.

Due to the increase in fuel, the meeting which the transportation cooperatives had demanded for a long time raise was postponed. That meeting was held today at Sekapark Hotel. After the meeting, the rate of transportation from Kocaeli was announced.

Izmit urban transportation full fee 2 lira 75 penny 3 pounds were removed. Thus came the full ride 25 penny hike. Discount tickets on city buses was 2 lira 10 penny. 1 pounds 50 penny student fees 1 pounds 60 penny output.

TRAMVAYA 25 Cents Time

Tram boarding fees have also changed. The hike rate applied to city buses by UKOME was also applied on the tram. The cost of a full tram ticket, which previously was 1 lira 75 penny, was increased to 2 TL. The price of the discounted ticket was 1 lira 50 kurus. Student fees, 1 lira 1 lira 25 penny was removed.

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