Last Night in Ropeway Action in Kırkpınar

kirkpinarun ropeway action in dun night
kirkpinarun ropeway action in dun night

Sapanca Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa neighborhood and Mahmudiye neighborhoods will be held in the region of the ropeway project initiated by citizens living in the action continues.

Starting from Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa Neighborhood and extending to Mahmudiye Quarter, the ropeway project is the scene of colorful images of the citizens who started the sit-in two days ago.

Citizens defending that the ropeway project will destroy the green area in the sitting action they started to shift the project to another region, the people of the region, from time to time, the company and the company that undertakes the elements of the ropeway project. they argue from time to time ..

CHP Sakarya Province President Erdoğan Isır listening to the problems of citizens by supporting the sit-in, said: iller They are absolutely not against the realization of a ropeway project in Sapanca but they have great reservations about its location. So much so that the ropeway is said to be made by the people of the region as a green area given to the municipality 'he said.

Isır said: “Our citizens say that this area to be built by cable car is the last green area of ​​Kırkpınar. They are worried that the zoning structure of Kırkpınar will be deteriorated. They are also worried that this green area will be used as an earthquake collection zone. Citizens react to the situation as the ropeway will also pass through an area with traffic. I want them to speak to the authorities and listen to their demands. We are with our citizens. ”

Meanwhile, the people of the region continue their actions by singing songs. (Hüseyin Can Iğdır - Medyab is)

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