Kemeraltı Visits Izmir International Fair

kemeralti is a guest at izmir fair
kemeralti is a guest at izmir fair

Izmir International Fair, Turkey will host the largest historic outdoor market. Izmir, Turkey and arcades of the largest value, the fair will take place in Long Pool area.

The outstanding tastes of Kemeraltı, forgotten craftsmen, brands, historical-cultural values ​​that cost the whole country and many other riches will be presented in the fair.

6-15 will be organized by İZFAŞ between the dates of September. One day before the opening of the Izmir International Fair, the excitement in the city increased. IEF, which will be the center of trade, culture, art and entertainment with activities that will continue to be full, brought the famous Kemeraltı Bazaar of İzmir to the fairground this year. Historical Kemeraltı Construction Investment Trade Inc. (TARKEM) will introduce the outstanding flavors of Kemeraltı, forgotten craftsmen, historical and cultural values ​​in the Long Pool area between the Lausanne Gate and Montreux Gate of Kültürpark.

Tastes and craftsmen

Kemeraltı Street artisan restaurant, mussels, fish, cold cuts, milk desserts, nuts, halva, shambali, coffee, sherbet, pickle juice, such as "famous Kemeraltı flavors" will be presented together. In addition to the delicacies of Kemeraltı, the masters of the bazaar will welcome visitors throughout the fair. Silver, leather, jewelry, felt, miniature, calligraphy masters, while continuing to produce with their skilled hands, visitors will have the opportunity to showcase their mastery by making various workshops.

Past, present, tomorrow

Eral Kemeraltı'nın Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow ”was created with the slogan Kemeraltı Street culture and history talks will also. Every day at 18.00 and 20.00, two different conversations will be held and experts will present their information at Kemeraltı Street Stage in the courtyard of the History and Art Museum. In these conversations, especially about İzmir and Historical City Center will be held.

Glider and airship workshop

Eczacıbaşı, born in Kemeraltı and transformed into a global brand, will share its historical stories with DYO and Dalan. TARKEM and Izmir Association of our projects will be exhibited at the booths of the projects implemented for the revitalization of Kemeraltı will be transferred. One of these projects, Historical Independence School Innovative Learning Center (KONTAK) booth, children coding, 3D modeling, parachute workshop, glider workshop, zeppelin workshop, such as various workshops will be held.

Enjoying 360 degree sky

Turkey is a trademark of the arcades Barça came to be founded in the sponsorship of sports tent Planetarium, sürcek Enjoy watching a movie with the kids to play in the sky each 15 minutes. A photography exhibition will be held in Kemeraltı Street in cooperation with IFOD (Izmir Photography Art Association). 47 photographer from Kemeraltı, Basmane and Kadifekale will be introduced to the visitors. Altınordu Football Club will add color to the street with its stand and activities in the area.


Kemeraltı Antique Bazaar will also host one of the most colorful activities of Kemeraltı Street this year. In addition to its stand on the street, it will perform an antique auction every day and own the products by auction. Some of these auctions will be donated to non-governmental organizations working for the benefit of children and tree planting.

Who is TARKEM?

TARKEM (Historic Kemeralti Construction Investment and Trade Inc.) is a multi-partner structure established on November 19 in order to create a new business model to protect and develop Izmir city values ​​and to revive the historical city center of Izmir with this model. One of the most important examples of public-private sector partnership model 2012 percent of the public is one of the tarkem in Turkey, creating xnumx's percent of the private sector. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is leading the public partners with its 38 share. The main objective of TARKEM is to produce real estate, service and organization projects that are located in the Kemeraltı and Surrounding Urban Regeneration Area, declared in 62, and which are focused on the needs, innovative and including all target groups of the society, especially the depressed areas.

2 over one thousand registered buildings

The historical Kemeraltı and its environs, which are still defined as the center of the city and used in the present day, are examples of monumental and civil architecture of approximately 2 thousand registered, 2 thousand 500 street and square texture with an annual history, inn, workshop, hotel, Turkish bath, mosque, church, synagogue has a rich and colorful culture mosaic with its historical and cultural structures such as schools, fountains.

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