Keltepe Ski Center Road Asphalted

keltepe ski resort road is paved
keltepe ski resort road is paved

Asphalt works initiated by Karabük Special Provincial Administration on the way to Keltepe Ski Center continue.

Karabük Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Mehmet Long, hot asphalt work began to study the asphalt.

After a review of the hot asphalt work on the way to the Keltepe Ski Center, Secretary General Uzun made a short statement and said: kurulum About two months ago, the installation work started and the opening of the asphalt plant which we opened last week with intensive participation was started. Within this scope, Kahyalar Village starts from the road junction; We started our asphalt work at 20 km which will end in Sipahiler, Karaağaç and Keltepe ski center. Our teams completed the 6,5 km of the road in their current work and the paving process is continuing rapidly. Access to the Keltepe ski center, which is important for our Karabük, will be easier when our studies on this route are completed. In terms of tourism, we will have provided a great benefit to our city. ”

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