Mobility Week Events Start in İzmir

activity week starts in izmir
activity week starts in izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is celebrating the European Mobility Week with many cities. During the week Tem Let's Walk Together Tem, some streets and streets will be closed to traffic, and activities that encourage walking and cycling will be organized. 22 In September public transport will be 1 penny.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will organize a series of activities within the scope of “Mobility Week X between 16-22 September and Kent City without Cars X in 22 September. For this reason, 22 September 2019'da public transport usage costs 1 penny and 21-22 September 2019 dates BISIM bike sharing system will be free. Walking and cycling tours will also be organized to create a more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly İzmir.

Hiking in nature

This year's theme of Mobility Week is Walk Walk With Us.. The yürüyüş walking in nature ”program 17 will be held on September. 18.00 will meet in the Balçova Therapy Forest for an awareness walk with emphasis on health in the route frequently used by walking clubs. 18 and 20 are also available in September. Karşıyaka Secondary School, Mavişehir Primary School, Konur Alp Özcan Secondary School and Güzelyalı Secondary School will be visited with the Disabled Awareness Center.

Social bicycle competition

One of the most interesting activities of Mobility Week is the Social Bike Competition. Bike lovers who download the “BikePrints” application via Google Play and Apple before September 16 will be able to earn points for the city by cycling to bicycle points established in two different points of Izmir. Doing sports and competing with other cities in Europe, the mileage calculated by the citizens of Izmir and the most pedaling city will be the first. Izmir had become the European Champion of 2017 city in a similar competition in 52.

Walking arm in arm

22 is the siz Cityless City Day deki in September and the “Open Streets Day ilk celebrated for the first time in Europe on the same day. a series of events was planned to create In this context, 21 in September Alsancak Bornova Street (1469 Street) and 22 in September, part of Cumhuriyet Boulevard will be closed to traffic all day. 21 will walk from the Kordon entrance to the Alsancak Train Station with the participation of disabled individuals as part of the el Let's Walk Together ”event on Saturday.

Interview and documentary screening

21 Another event in September will be bike focused. Cycling lovers will come together in İnciraltı City Forest for a bicycle tour, interview and documentary screening. There will be an interview at the Gas Station and a documentary screening of Why We Cycle. In September, many stands will be opened at the intersection of Cumhuriyet Boulevard which is closed to traffic and Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard. Sports Games Area, Bicycle Exhibition Area, Children's Workshops Area, Pedestrian and Bicycle Platform, Smothie Bike, Garden Games Area, Workshop Area and will be the stage towards the entrance to Gündoğdu. Especially this year there will be activities for disabled people.

16-22 September is celebrated as “Mobility Week” and 22 September is “City without Cars her every year in various cities of the world. Throughout Europe, various activities are organized under Mobility Week with the participation of millions of people under the name of public transport day, bicycle day, living streets / green roads day, environmentally sensitive transportation day, environment and health day, entertainment / shopping day and city without cars. Various activities have been held in İzmir within the scope of European Mobility Week for the last four years.

For the first time this year in Europe, 22 will be celebrated as Stre Open Streets Day Eylül on the same day as Kent City without Cars Eylül on September. During the City without Cars, it is expected to be reminded of how the streets are used without motor vehicles, encouraging public transportation, pedestrian transportation and bicycle use, ownership of the streets, control of air pollution and sound pollution, and comparison of measurements and measurements. On Open Streets Day, fun and inclusive events are organized for everyone for a day or a week, regardless of age, gender and physical performance level.

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