Izmir International Fair Opens Its Doors Without Contact

izmir international fair opens doors without contact
izmir international fair opens doors without contact

Payment of pioneering technologies MasterCard, MasterCard contactless applications in the Public Transport launched in Turkey in the year after 2016 16 cities in Turkey Izmir International Fair is moving to a different area. Mastercard, Karbil and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the Izmir International Fair will start with the opening of the application within the scope of the application of all domestic and foreign visitors to contact with the contactless Mastercard debit card or credit card will be able to enter.

All visitors will be able to enter the Izmir International Fair by swiping the contactless bank or credit cards in their pockets to the validators with the project carried out with the cooperation of Mastercard, Karbil and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

During the fair, which is visited by an average of 1 million people every year, contactless cards will be used in total 5 separate validators installed at the 45 separate entrance door. 4,5 TL will be charged to all visitors who prefer to enter by contactless debit or credit card. The application will provide great convenience especially for visitors from foreign and other cities. Mastercard, the pioneer of payment technologies, has been established worldwide in London, New York, Chicago, St. Petersburg. Contactless card applications used in public transport in big cities like St. Petersburg in Turkey, Mersin, Kocaeli, Gaziantep, Adana, Sivas, Marmaris and Bodrum, including Istanbul, Bandirma, Kahramanmaras and implemented in 16 cities, including finally Ankara.

Mastercard Turkey and Azerbaijan General Manager Yigit Caglayan, "system where every day 2 million people use away from London due to meet by the people very happy. It is of great importance for us as Mastercard to contribute to this great event that welcomes visitors from all over the world..

The paycor General Manager Turgut South, "paycore as Karbil smart cities specialized sub-companies in payment software, this issue of Turkey and transport our vast experience we have gained throughout the world, we spend stadium and life today fairs / events day by day with the entry applications more we reinforce. In this project, I am proud to say that we have provided all the technological infrastructure to ensure that Turkish and foreign visitors can make payment in seconds with contactless credit and debit cards in their pockets. ”

izmir international fair opens doors without contact
izmir international fair opens doors without contact

End the Insufficient Balance Signal!

Worldwide in London, New York, Chicago, St. MasterCard contactless applications used in large metropolitan areas such as St. Petersburg was launched in 2016 in Turkey. Mersin, Kocaeli, Marmaris and Bodrum, including Mugla, Gaziantep, Adana, Sivas, Bandirma, Kahramanmaras, and finally implemented in Ankara, the application of citizens living in the "insufficient balance" problem ends. Because when people who use public transport can use public transport with contactless debit or credit card in their pockets, they do not deal with problems such as carrying a coin for card refilling, finding a card refill place, asking for help from someone, and encountering insufficient balance signal when getting into the vehicle.

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