Istanbul's Six Mole Nests! .. Metro Tunnels May Cause Disasters

subway tunnels such as the sub-costume nest of istanbul can cause disasters
subway tunnels such as the sub-costume nest of istanbul can cause disasters

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality CHP Group President Tarık Balyalı stated that there are metro lines that have stopped in Istanbul for 1.5 years and said, altı This is a serious danger for Istanbulites like the six mole nests in Istanbul. A collapse in subway tunnels due to incomplete construction can cause serious catastrophes. ”

Newspaper WallTarık Balyalı speaking to Murat İnceoğlu, 25 said that the city's problems have not been solved for years. Kılıçdaroğlu and İmamoğlu at AKOM: Most of these areas do not meet the definition of 'earthquake collection area'
Balyalı said, “Had the problems of Istanbul been solved, there would be no change of power in Istanbul. There have been ongoing problems in Istanbul for a long time. And now that these people are gangrene, the people of Istanbul needed a change of management because Istanbul was perhaps uninhabitable. The last 2-3 population growth in Istanbul is more than the number of arrivals coming from Istanbul due to birth only. ”

People in Istanbul are unhappy, Bal said Balyalı, “So this city has transportation problem, traffic problem, infrastructure problem, parking problem, there is a school problem. Everything has become a problem in this city and people are getting tired of this city. We hear around us, some want to go to the village, some want to go to the Aegean and some go abroad. But not everyone wants to go somehow from this city. I now live in Pendik. I can hardly come from Pendik to the municipality at 2.5 hour. Everyone is suffering, everyone is unhappy. Where there are so many problems, 25 has ruled for years. Now, 25 didn't find a solution to these problems during the year. ”


Balyalı pointed out a serious danger in this issue while explaining the transportation problem of Istanbul: None of these solutions to public problems. It didn't solve the traffic problem, it didn't solve the metro problem, it didn't solve the green space problem. It was just abusing the budget by spending huge bucks. As the President said in the coming period, our project is human, we will invest in human. We will do solution-oriented works. For example, if there is a traffic jam at what point should be done at that point. Metro is a very serious problem of Istanbul, resources should be spent on the metro. There are metro lines in Istanbul that have stopped for 1.5 years. Istanbul has a very serious sense of expectations, serious budgets are spent, but 1.5 has not been working on these lines for years. Now our management is making serious efforts to restart the work on these lines. There are two reasons for this, a very urgent need for a rail system. Secondly, six of Istanbul is now a molehill, and this is a serious danger for Istanbulites. A collapse in those subway tunnels due to incomplete construction can cause serious catastrophes. ”

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