Istanbul People Had a Shock at Night! .. Marmaray 24 Hour Did Not Serve

istanbullular night sok yasadi marmaray hours did not serve
istanbullular night sok yasadi marmaray hours did not serve

After the information transferred last week, Istanbul residents who were waiting for Marmaray, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, to serve 24 hours a day had a shock! Marmaray did not serve 24 hours.

It was announced by Marmaray Regional Directorate and Ministry of Transport resources that Marmaray, operated by the Ministry of Transport, will serve 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, after İBB's subways have been operating 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Citizens who went to use Marmaray yesterday after the announcement last week thought it was 24 hours, met with a surprise at night because Marmaray did not provide 24-hour transportation service!

According to the information received by the Marmaray Regional Directorate, it was stated that Maramaray is not currently working 24 hours a day, 'plans are made on the 24 hour work'.

Citizens expressed their reactions on social media like this:



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