Istanbulites Loved 24-Hour Transportation 2 Thousand Passengers in the First 35 Nights

ibb announces night subway figures
ibb announces night subway figures

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the metro transportation two days a week after the first week of the 24 shared information.

Over two nights 30 used the night subway, connecting 31 August to 31 August, and 1 August to 35 September (today). IMM SözcüSü Murat Ongun shared on his Twitter account “Istanbul residents loved the 24 hour transportation. N 6 citizens used the 24 hour subway service on Friday night and 13288 on Saturday and 22362 on Saturday. ”

In the 96 voyage on Friday night, a total of 13 thousand 288 passengers were transported, while the average per passenger was 139. A total of 96 thousand 22 passengers were transported in the 362 voyage on Saturday night. The average passenger per trip was 233.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, announced that 6 hour transportation will start on 24 IETT lines with 24 metro lines in Istanbul. Night transportation is between 00.30-5.30.

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