Inter-Corporate Dragon Boat Festival in Istanbul

dragon bot festival excitement between institutions in istanbul
dragon bot festival excitement between institutions in istanbul

21 and 22 will be held at IMM Orhangazi City Park in September.

National and international 53 company's employees close to 1500 will attend the IBB Inter-Corporate Dragon Bot Festival which will be held for the second time this year. Teams will compete for the 2 day to become champions. Sports fans will be able to watch all the races to be held free of charge.

The first of the festival, which was held in June, will be held in collaboration with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and HSB Group at 21 and 22 September in IMM Orhangazi City Park.

event will be held with the approval of Turkey Canoe Federation will be held with the participation of teams of people xnumx'ş 20. The festival will host thousands of people with their families and relatives.

Organized in order to instill the spirit of teamwork and togetherness, the event will include stage shows, dance shows and DJ performances, as well as boat races. The participants will have a fun weekend and the teams will be awarded with trophies.

The festival brings together the employees of companies operating in the private sector, from tourism to energy, from banking to automotive. IMM Inter-Agency Dragon Bot Festival strengthens the coordination and the ability to act together.

The races, which improve balance, team spirit and focus skills, are performed with the drummer and helmsman accompanying the athletes rowing on the 250 meter course.


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