Claim of Damage at Bosphorus Bridge After Earthquake in Istanbul

Claim of damage to the throat bridge after the earthquake in Istanbul
Claim of damage to the throat bridge after the earthquake in Istanbul

IMMoglu Ekrem Imamoglu, Silivri-based earthquake after the size of the 5.8 AKOM'a passed. Imamoglu, who wishes to get past the citizens of Istanbul and the surrounding cities, said that the earthquake was a warning. Emamoğlu emphasized that the earthquake is a national issue that should be mobilized and said, “In Istanbul, we have identified a new earthquake collection area over 800 in the last 1 month. There are ready, there are not. We will do their preparatory work. Most of these are in the central districts of Istanbul. The smallest 500 square meters in the center of Istanbul, these findings will actually eliminate a big lack. ” Imamoglu said that the images circulating about the Bosphorus Bridge on social media do not reflect the truth, so let's transfer much information about the Bosphorus Bridge. Highways were interviewed. There was a pier. The image of that pier makes it look like there's something wrong. No problem. Scaffolding is also being removed. If there is a problem, we will inform our citizens here ”.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), took a breath at the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) after the 5.8-sized earthquake in Silivri, which caused fear in Istanbul and surrounding cities. Imamoglu shares the first information he received with members of the press, 2 made a different statement. Imamoglu said in his first statement:


Siliv We experienced an earthquake in the size of 13.59, full hour 5.8 off the Silivri off the Marmara Sea. I wish all of my fellow countrymen of Istanbul to get past. We are at IMM Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM). Thank God we don't have any casualties. There are no serious injuries reported to us. We got some notice of the buildings. Avcılar and Sarıyer 2 minarets in the upper parts of the tipping of the building demolitions outside the tipping was unfounded. These are the news that make us happy. The earthquake is a reality of Istanbul and nature. We all know that the earthquake does not kill people alone, but neglect kills. The problems in the buildings that are not prepared for earthquakes cause death. God forbid. I hope we will intervene together in Istanbul. ”


“We think we are all on the lookout for the earthquake for over 20 years, but unfortunately the number of risky buildings in Istanbul bothers us all. This issue is one of the areas we started as soon as we took office. I stated that it was a matter of mobilization and a national issue, that we had to sit down and talk together, that we had to carry out this process with absolutely the highest levels of our municipality and state, without any compromise. We are at the same point today. Of course we will make this preparation. We will develop disaster awareness. We will have serious training. Our works are about to be completed in order to put into practice the application we prepared at the disaster preparedness point in Istanbul. We detected more than 800 new earthquake meeting areas in Istanbul in the last month. There are those who are ready, there are those who are not. We will do their preparatory work. Most of them are in the central districts of Istanbul, Fatih, Beyoğlu, Şişli, Beşiktaş, Kadıköyuntil I reach Üsküdar. ”


“Today we have received a serious warning. We are responsible for evaluating this warning by the nation. No one doubts that we, as the IMM, will fulfill our mission with utmost determination. We are currently vigilant with all our friends at AKOM. At the same time, whether it is IGDAS, ISKI or other affiliates, we are ready to intervene in the process completely. We will have meetings with my friends about the developments and experts about the earthquake. Then I will meet with you and inform you. ”


İmamoğlu also shared the following information in his second statement at AKOM:
Imiz Our pursuit continues. Finally, we don't have any gratifying casualties. Some of the notices about buildings are unfounded and some of our teams work on the field. İSKİ and İGDAŞ teams are also in the field. SCADA team continues to follow the field. We take precautions by cutting off gas in risky buildings. We will inform the public about the clear findings we receive. This is an important warning for us. Istanbul, 17 August After the 1999 earthquake, the determination to fight the earthquake was expressed, but unfortunately we have not reached a satisfactory level near 20 year. Earthquake is a national problem of our city and our country. Therefore, everyone should come together to produce ideas, solve the problem, take steps on this issue. Municipalities, central government, everyone needs to take responsibility. It's an area we've been long ago. We immediately said that we should sit down and talk to the table. Ece


Deprem We are aware of the fact that we have to bring the newly collected earthquake collection areas to Istanbul very quickly. The smallest 500 square meters, our findings in the center of Istanbul will actually eliminate a big lack. In addition, there is a need for a complete change of mentality in terms of really strengthening structures and urban regeneration. We have a preparation for this. Again in the event of a disaster, we need a training that will ensure that we are prepared at the highest level. Our preparation on this issue is clear. In cooperation with schools and all public institutions, we will put forward our efforts to raise awareness of the whole society. We will share an application with Istanbul residents on behalf of an earthquake-ready Istanbul. This is ready. Without wasting time, without losing seconds, it is obvious that we have to produce a remedy by considering the earthquake. ”


Iz We are now at AKOM. In particular, I met with all the mayors of the districts on the coastal side of the European side. Here we continue our determinations. We are also meeting with our Governor. We ensure that the process works in the most healthy way with the flow of information from both AFAD and us. IMM on alert. We will be there to meet the needs of our citizens by sending mobile buffets in the areas where people gather. Experts are working on this issue. We know that there is a study in Kandilli. We will inform the public in every respect. Our experts on earthquakes continue to work on the subject. ”


Im Since there is a lot of information about the Bosphorus Bridge, let's quote. Highways were interviewed. There was a pier. The image of that pier makes it look like there's a problem there. No problem. Scaffolding is also being removed. If there is a problem, we will inform our citizens here. Get well soon. As I said, we will take the most basic steps to solve the earthquake in Istanbul. The great earthquake is the fate of Istanbul and nature. I hope we can solve the problems of Istanbul without experiencing it. Let us all pass. ”

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