Cost of Istanbul Airport is 10 Billion Euros

cost of istanbul airport is billion euros
cost of istanbul airport is billion euros

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turan explained that the cost of the Istanbul Airport project is approximately 10 billion euros, and the project is "expected to be completed" in 2028.

CHP Samsun Deputy Kemal Zeybek'in Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turan responded to the proposal, 3. The airport's cost is 10 billion 247 million euros. Istanbul Airport, which is under construction, ranks first among the most expensive airports in the world in terms of total cost.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turan answered the questions of CHP Zeybek, “When is the deadline with the extension periods of Istanbul Airport construction?” And ne How much will Istanbul Airport cost? ”. Minister Turan, in his response to the proposal, stated that the first phase of the project is underway and that the remaining three stages will be completed in 2028.


Minister Turan's response to the proposal was as follows: “Although there is no time extension in the Istanbul Airport Project, the first phase and second phase works of the airport, which will be completed in four stages, are in progress. According to the application agreement concluded with the company in charge, the final stage of the airport will be implemented as soon as 110 reaches the number of million passengers. All stages of Istanbul Airport are expected to be completed in 2028 due to the increasing number of passengers, and the total cost of the project is 10 billion 247 million euros. ”


According to the previous statement of Limak Holding, which is the airport project and known for its proximity to the AKP, approximately 6 billion euros was spent for the first phase works. Limak Group announced in its statement that a large part of the money was spent for ground correction works. In recent years, filling the lakes in the region for the ground correction works in question and causing environmental disaster caused reactions. (İsmail Arı - One day)

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