Istanbul Airport Halkalı Underground Excavations Start

Istanbul Airport Subway Excavations
Istanbul Airport Subway Excavations

Excavation begins for the metro that will go to Istanbul Airport. It is aimed to exceed the record distance of 8 meters per day, on which 64,5 machines will dig. The line is expected to be completed in 30 months…

Turkey NewspaperAccording to the news of Osman Çobanoğlu; “When it starts operating at full capacity, Istanbul Airport, which will win the title of the biggest airport in the world, comes to a metro that will be talked about with its records. Istanbul Airport-Halkalı The first tunnel excavation on the metro line starts this month. For the excavation of the 28 kilometer line, the 2 tunneling machine will enter the tunnel from Kayaşehir region and six machines from Arnavutköy. Halkalı In the excavation, Gayrettepe line in one day 64,5 meter is aimed to avoid breaking the record, while all the excavation is planned to finish 75 day. Gayrettepe subway, which will connect Istanbul Airport to the city center, also showed the end of the tunnel.


Gayrettepe, which is one of the two lines that will connect Istanbul Airport to the city center, shows the end of the tunnel. Halkalı The tunneling machines are making the final preparations to start the excavation. Excavation of the 70 kilometer line, which is expected to serve 28 thousand passengers per day in one direction, will be carried out by two separate companies. Kaan Yavuz, Business Development Specialist of E-Berk Group, who will carry out the excavation work, gave the following information about the final preparations: Halkalı We will carry out tunneling work at approximately 8 kilometers. We will build a total 15,9 kilometer tunnel. One of the two 6,56 meters was waiting in Istanbul. We also revised the machine, which previously worked on the Dudullu-Bostancı subway line, in our factory in Ankara in five and a half months and sent it to Istanbul last week. Installation works started. We plan to start excavation in a month. We will enter the shaft in the Kayaşehir area. We plan to finish it in two and a half years. Kolin-Kalyon-Cengiz partnership will carry out the rest of the line. They will enter from Arnavutköy and work with a total of six machines. They start excavation in a short time.


There was good progress on the Gayrettepe line. By proceeding in a day 64,5 meters broke the record for Turkey. Now HalkalıE-Berk aims to take this record even further. Kaan Yavuz said, de There are layers like sandstone and limestone in the place where we will dig, and there is also an aqueous zone. But we rely on our experience and team, we will break the record. ”


28 kilometer-long airport -Halkalı line will consist of six stations. The metro line, which is intended to carry 70 thousand passengers a day in one direction, will serve the districts of Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy. Line, Halkalı, Temapark, Olimpiyatköy, Kayaşehir center, Arnavutköy center, Istanbul Airport will consist of stations.



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