IMM Announces Reason for Density in Metrobus Stops

Ibb Metrobus explained the reason for the density of stops
Ibb Metrobus explained the reason for the density of stops

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) metrobus stops in the morning, said the intensity of the vehicle is due to failure.

In a statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the following was said: 07 in Istanbul this morning: At 59, a vehicle broke down at the Avcılar IMM Social Facilities Station of the Metrobus line.

08: In 00, the supervisor transferred to the station and started to give a one-way switch.

08: Metrobus line returned to normal with the intervention made at 14.

Necessary warnings were given to the personnel in order to prevent a similar failure and technical failure in the Metrobus again.

We apologize to the residents of Istanbul due to the wait and intensity caused by the two-way closure of the line to 10 minute traffic. We would like to state that measures have been taken to prevent a similar problem from happening again.

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