Historical Egirdir Train Station Continues

historical egirdir garinda work continues
historical egirdir garinda work continues

Afyon TCDD 7. Regional Director Adem Sivri and his delegation visited the Mayor of Egirdir Mayor Veli Gok, made observations in the district.

Egirdir Mayor Veli Gök visited his office, Regional Director Sivri, Mayor while the shackle Gift, Mayor Veli Gök gave a gift basket consisting of products made of Diamond Egirdir. After the visit, the delegation visited the TCDD. It was discussed that the landscaping projects of the historical station and open areas rented by the municipality are about to be completed and that they will be implemented in a short time.

In addition, the delegation was completed in the shortest time to complete the painting of the historical locomotive in accordance with the original, and to make it a center of attraction where domestic and foreign tourists can take photographs and relax. It was decided to give the atmosphere of a recreation facility to be used by the guests when the train services started in the coming times.

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