Highways 18. Term Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed

highways collective agreement was signed
highways collective agreement was signed

Highways General Directorate of Turkish Heavy Industry and Service Sector Public Employers' Association and Road Workers Union started between 29th Monday April "18th Term Collective Labor Agreement" talks September 16 on Monday, Director General of Highways Abdulkadir URALOĞL of TÜHİS Secretary General Adnan Cicek, Turkey It was completed with the participation of the President of Yol-İş Union, Ramazan AĞAR and other officials.

According to Law No. 6356 from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Turkey initiated upon the request of the Road-Business Association 18. The General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir URALOĞLU emphasized that the Collective Bargaining negotiations of the period were completed in line with the goodwill, sincere, constructive attitude and approaches of the parties, as in the other Collective Bargaining negotiations. He stated that the working conditions of the working people were always protected and pioneered.

URALOĞLU, who continued his speech by stating that they aim to improve the social and economic conditions of the employees by considering the current economic conditions and opportunities of the country, has benefited to the 18 workers, parties and the country, serving with the belief that it will increase business peace and productivity with the 16.149th Period Collective Labor Agreement signed. He wished it to be. URALOĞLU, who completed his speech by thanking all the workers working at the General Directorate of Highways for the work they have done so far and said that he is proud to be a member of the Highways Organization.

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