Waiting for Haydarpaşa

former secretary general of BTS Kocabiyik Haydarpasa Garini wrote
former secretary general of BTS Kocabiyik Haydarpasa Garini wrote

Former Secretary General of BTS İshak Kocabıyık wrote Haydarpaşa Train Station. Haydarpasa is not 400 week exactly where 111 has been there for years. On the shore of the sea. Gate to the city. In spite of everything

You can look at the title and think that it is a reference to Samuel Beckett's ken Waiting for Godot eser. One side is true, but not one.

True, because exactly 400 has been for weeks, depriving the passengers of the Haydarpaşa train sound, and the function it has carried out and carried to this day with great immorality.

Wrong, Haydarpasa is not 400 week exactly where 111 has been there for years. On the shore of the sea. Gate to the city. In spite of everything.

So what happened to 400 weeks ago when Haydarpaşa Solidarity launched a "sit-in" every Sunday?

The story and truth began in the early 2000 years. It started with the AKP government. 17 has passed for years, nice Prime Minister, Minister of Transport, Mayor and manager came. There is only one answer to what can be said about the common characteristics of Istanbul: we can say that the city is the area of ​​rent, plundering and pillage.

One of these areas is Haydarpaşa Railway Station and its surroundings. With its size and location of approximately 1 million square meters, this area that spills the mouths of those who see banknotes all over the city includes not only the station and the rear but also the harbor.

But in order to realize this, both legally and in terms of urbanism and economy must be very sound and appropriate so that it can be accepted. But because there was no such suitability, they resorted to lies and fantastic, glittering future paintings, as done elsewhere, as at other times.

What has not been done in 15 for the year, Haydarpaşa '

First, 7 pieces and 70'er each would be built Manhattan skyscrapers. It did not. The green area and the hotel were said to be done. It didn't happen either, it was called a huge port and shopping center where the cruise ships would dock. Neither did he.

Olympic stadium and facilities were called. Neither did he. Let's make a glazed elevator from the outside to the terrace floor. Neither did he.

AKP Kadikoy Mayor candidate in the last election "Haydarpasa Istanbul Design Center," he said. He couldn't even explain what happened.

They wanted everything to happen in this area. They didn't just want the train to come, they didn't want the ferries to dock and to be a public and public space. They wanted nothing but the comfort of capital.

But the kind of employees, the public, the public, trade unions, did not get the consent of the chambers, the courts, the judiciary as much as they want to take the palms of honorable lawyers, the presence of judges always uneasy.

After all, they couldn't do anything they wanted.

The judiciary was also registered with the decisions that the trains will come to Haydarpaşa, trains will go. It will remain public space.

Behind this decision is not only the decision of the judiciary, the struggle of Haydarpaşa activists who have maintained a stubborn stub for 400 for a week without cold storms and the support of millions of citizens supporting them.

The solidarity of Haydarpaşa has shown zeal and persistence. This stubbornness has become the city's morality and conscience.

Now, as if confirming the word oyun the game does not end in the Ottoman Empire,, all judicial decisions are ignored, 400 weekly struggle is ignored and some ali cengiz plays, archaeological excavations as an excuse to turn Haydarpaşa Train Station to a place where a few high-speed train has come.

We're not gonna let that happen. 400 will not let you destroy the gains of the week-long struggle.

Haydarpaşa is not only the city's heritage but also the country's heritage. We will continue to defend Haydarpaşa and the station with citizens coming from all over the world.

We will protect Haydarpaşa. We'il take care of our future. (İshak KOCABIYIK- Former Secretary General of BTS)


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