Gumushane University, 7. Hosted Logistics Training Standards Workshop

gumushane university hosted logistic training standards
gumushane university hosted logistic training standards

The N 7 Logistics Training Standards Workshop hazırlanan prepared in cooperation with Köse İrfan Can Vocational School and Logistics Association (LODER) was held with an opening program held at the University's Congress Center.

faculties in Turkey, colleges and vocational schools in the logistics and identifying common ground between the chapters on transport and organized the xnumx'nci this year to determine the needs of the logistics industry "xnumx'nc Logistics Education Standards Workshop" Gumushane was hosted by the University. The opening speech of the program, Assoc. Dr. İskender Peker stated that the workshop organized in cooperation with University and Logistics Education Association in order to standardize the logistics education was the happiness of the 7.

Following the opening speech of Peker, the Vice Rector of the University. Dr. In his speech, Bahri Bayram said: uz We are very proud and happy to host the Logistics Training Standards Workshop organized by 7 this year. The Logistics Program within the body of Köse İrfan Can Vocational School of our university is organized in 2011 - 2012 academic year. by recruiting students into education, it has been active in order to train intermediate staff in the sector. One of the problems we frequently encountered during my time as the founding director of our Vocational School was the emergence of serious curriculum differences between universities. Course contents were organized according to the current academic situation in the related universities. In this sense, in order to eliminate this problem, first of all, our Logistics Association President Prof.Dr. Dr. I would like to thank Mehmet Tanyaş and all the employees involved in logistics on behalf of my company and myself. Of course, in this sense, the Higher Education Council has a great deal of work in education-oriented and qualified studies. It is imperative that the associations that work like LODER need more help in the accreditation process in order to develop more qualified and more qualified students who are education oriented and graduated from universities. If this is done, the results of these workshops will contribute much to both the scientific community and the business field. LODER chairman, who contributed to the organization of the workshop. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, especially our Vocational School Director Köse İrfan Can Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Mutlu Akyüz, LODER East Black Sea Representative and workshop coordinator. Lecturer. I would like to express my gratitude to his member İskender Peker and to all our friends who have contributed to this organization that brought us together. I wish the workshop would be beneficial to our university, province, region and country. ”

Vice Rector of the University. Dr. After the speech of Bahri Bayram, Gumushane Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Ismail Akcay 7'ninci Logistics Training Standards Workshop was held in Gumushane said that he was very happy. Akçay, "I hope in this workshop Logistics, Education and Standard set as these three titles we give the value they deserve." He thanked everyone who contributed.

Logistics Association President and Maltepe University Professor. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş stated that there would be no logistics without trade and that there would be no trade without logistics. Professor Dr. Tanyaş pointed out the following points in his speech: ak If we want to develop and enlarge our country, we must follow a policy based on foreign trade. The most important of these is logistics. In order for our students to gain a place in the sector, we must analyze the needs of the sector well and provide training in that direction. Good quality graduates; quality education is only possible. As LODER, 16 has been organizing 'International Logistics and Supply Congress' for years. Apart from this, our Logistics System Standards studies are continuing. Logistics Education Standards (LES) was established to provide direction to the logistics training in Turkey. The aim of these studies is to provide education and training in line with the needs of the logistics sector. As LODER, we are carrying out the first 9-10 workshops in Kütahya Dumlupınar University on September 2017 in Gümüşhane University. A working group was formed by the Logistics Association (LODER) with the participation of lecturers and sector representatives from many universities in order to determine the minimum common points and the basic vocational courses and contents among the mentioned programs and departments in line with the needs of the logistics sector. The aim of these studies is to propose the sections that may be opened in the future. Then the course plans, course credits and European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) hours and elective course rates of these programs were determined by the group members. Rector of Gumushane University, who contributed to the organization of this workshop. Dr. Prof. Halil İbrahim Zeybek, Köse İrfan Can Director of Vocational School Assoc. Dr. I would like to thank Ahmet Mutlu Akyüz and our sponsors. ”

After the opening speeches, Barbaros Büyüksağnak Member of Logistics Education Standards (LES) Committee made a presentation titled “Current Situation of LES sonra. LODER President Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, Abdullah Özer, Member of the Eastern Black Sea Region Board of Directors of the International Transporters Association (UND) and the Vice Rector for the contributions to the realization of the workshop. Dr. Plaque was presented by Bahri Bayram. After the opening program of the workshop, the second session of Saturday afternoon was held at the Conference Hall of Köse İrfan Can Vocational School.

After the sessions, LODER executives and academicians visited the construction of Gümüşhane - Bayburt Airport in Köse Salyazı with Köse District Governor Ömer Faruk Canpolat and Mayor Turgay Kesler. Control Chief Baris Yildirim and the company officials briefed the final situation of the work coming from the delegation, then the construction work on the runway area of ​​the investigations found. In the last sessions of the workshop on Sunday, the sessions titled Ders Program Outcomes, Review of Course Plans and Determination of Common Course Activities gerçekleştiril were held. The course courses required in the logistics program were formed by taking mutual opinions. The workshop ended after a trip to Suleymaniye, Karaca Cave and Torul Glass Observation Terrace.

Rector Dr. Halil İbrahim Zeybek made the following evaluations about the workshop: “Logistics is a rapidly changing and developing sector every year. In Köse İrfan Can Vocational School, there are Lojistik Logistics Program ve and Posta Postal Services Program eden which are continuing their education in order to train intermediate staff in logistics sector. Our only aim in these programs is to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and equipment in terms of professional and ethics to keep pace with the rapidly changing world in the field of education. Our duty in line with the national goals of our country is to enable our qualified graduates to achieve great success in the sector. Logistics, Logistics Management, International Logistics, International Logistics and Transportation, Transportation and Logistics, International Trade and Logistics Management with the names of these programs, the purpose of the needs of the logistics sector to carry out education and training, these programs can be quite different courses. It is natural and correct for each program to have different lesson plans in line with its own vision. However, the common knowledge and skills of the graduates who will work in the logistics sector is another important issue. In this workshop, courses with common course contents will be created for all Logistics programs. The logistics sector has gained tremendous momentum in the business and scientific worlds. Logistics in the society is reduced to cargo transportation only. We need to remove this perception. The importance of the workshop emerges here. For this purpose, we would like to state that we are a partner in all kinds of activities on behalf of logistics. The Logistics Association contributed to the organization of the workshop. Dr. Mehmet TANYAŞ, especially Köse İrfan Can Director of Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Prof. Ahmet Mutlu AKYÜZ, Assoc. Dr. I would like to thank İskender PEKER and all members of the organizing committee and everyone who contributed, and wish the workshop to be beneficial to our province and our country. ”

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