Gaziray, End of 2020

end of gaziray
end of gaziray

The Gaziray Project, which was implemented to solve the transportation problem in Gaziantep, continues to work. MedicalPark Hospital 5 kilometers of the line to be taken from the underground 800 million TL tender tender, Gaziray is expected to be completed by the end of the year 2020.

The Gaziray Project, which will breathe the transportation to Gaziantep, is underway. City Center, KÜSGET and Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone will connect each other works of the line could not be completed. Mayor Fatma Sahin, who made statements before the 31 March Local Elections, announced that they would start to carry passengers on July 2019. Passing on the line during the process of transporting passengers, while the end of the 2019 Gaziray'ın work will continue to be expressed.


Metropolitan said in a statement before the municipality, "Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), between 22 May 2014 date of the signing of the protocol covered Gaziray Suburban Line Project of 85 percent of construction work has been completed. The metropolitan municipality, which transforms the land train, which is the subject of the folk songs, into a high-speed train, is nearing the end of the Gaziray Suburban Line Project where the 25 station will be located. The 16 kilometer test drive between Seyrantepe-Göllüce-Taşlıca is carried out at Gaziray on March 5. 22 thousand employees working in the Organized Industrial Zone; The giant project with a budget of TL 2019 billion, which will carry it faster, safer and more comfortably, was evaluated as the vision project of Gazi city. 150 February The construction of Gaziray, which started in 1,2, will connect the city center, 13 organized industrial zones and Small Industrial Zone. In the investment to renew the existing 2017 kilometer suburban line, the physical realization was 6 percent.


Osman Toprak, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who spoke at the 2nd Joining Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality in September, gave information about the project. Toprak said, “In order to solve the transportation problems of our city, our metro project has been completed and the tender stage has been reached. We are in talks with the Ministry, when the project comes to life, our city will have a metro. kazanwe will have risen. Previously, a tender was held for the underground line of 5 kilometers starting from the Medical Park Hospital and continuing to the stadium within the scope of Gaziray, with a cost of 800 million TL. Hopefully, that line will be completed by the end of 2020. Our citizens will be able to start from OSB and go to KÜSGET”.

Upon completion of the underground operation, passengers will be moved. (A. Duman - Gazetekspres)

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