Women Chauffeur Starts in İzmir

Women's Drivers in Izmir started to work
Women's Drivers in Izmir started to work

A new era in public transportation has started in İzmir. After the decision of Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer on the decision that women drivers should take part in the buses, ESHOT General Directorate took action and made 17 candidate to work.

Women drivers, who improved their driving techniques in in-house training activities, managed to get full marks from instructors with their attention and skills.

ESHOT General Directorate, which is the heart of urban public transportation in İzmir, took a historical step. Bus driver, which is accepted as one of the most demanding professions, is no longer a monopoly for men. Upon the request of İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, the purchase of female bus drivers to ESHOT started. The 17 female bus driver passed the exams and got to work. This number is expected to exceed 30 in a short time.

They were eye-catching on the training track

The 17 female driver, who proved her competence as a bus driver, was put through a challenging training program before taking office in the city. Like all public transport personnel, ESHOT's female drivers learned how to cope with dangerous situations using advanced driving techniques as part of the training program. Driving on wet and slippery surfaces, correct maneuvering techniques to avoid sudden obstacles and daily vehicle maintenance are among the training topics. Trainers who have been training male drivers for years are very satisfied with the performance of female drivers.

Mayor Soyer: We are breaking down prejudices

The architect of the revolutionary practice for ESHOT is the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer. “We aim to break down gender-based prejudices in all aspects of life in this city. We begin this in one of the business lines that have become the strongholds of the male-dominated structure. Soy Soyer said: “Everybody asks; Can women succeed in this business or not? Yeah, not everybody can drive. It is true that it is a business that requires talent and hardware. But it has nothing to do with gender. Our goal is not to showcase a few people, Izmir, 'there are women drivers' say. Then you'il do a show job. I believe that more and more female bus drivers will be in the future. Iler

Women drivers who say they live the excitement of serving the people of Izmir believe that they will be successful. Stating that they trust themselves and realize their dreams, female drivers emphasize that men can do everything they do.

Women's drivers in Izmir

Fatma Nihal Buruk: We trust ourselves

“It's been a dream since I was a kid. Passenger buses passed by our house. I used to look admiringly. I told you I'd drive one of these buses someday. Mayor Tunç Soyer gave us the opportunity. We will find ourselves on the road now. Of course, every sector has difficulties, but we are confident, we know how to face the challenges. We live in a patriarchal society, but if women are given the opportunity, believe us we will be at the top. We want to change the way passengers look at drivers. My mother, father, brother supports everyone, my wife, a long-distance driver, quit her job to make my dream come true. ”

Returned Work: Everything started with a claim

Üm I was a service driver before. I have an 11-year-old daughter. My wife is a bus driver. One day, my daughter told me, “My father is a bus driver because he is stronger, and you cannot. So women are powerless.. The next day I went to a driving school to show her that women could do anything, so I took the E-class driver's license. Now he says, 'Men and women are equal, women can do anything'. I think that children can learn everything by living by seeing. I've done something like this to show it, but I also love driving, being in people. If we can raise a child as a mother, we can do anything that men do. We also train men. ”

Songül Güven: There is no woman in this business

Um I was working as an instructor in the driving school. We always get involved with cars. This profession appealed to me. We said we could, and we started this business. There were people who said you couldn't. 'Who does it,' he put this business head. We will multiply even more. There's no man in this business. Everyone has the same purpose; service. If we want to offer something nice to the people of Izmir, we should be in the business. There's no such thing as hard. As long as we want to. ”

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