Horses Taken from the Carriages in Izmir Wildlife Park

horses taken from carriages in izmir natural life park
horses taken from carriages in izmir natural life park

İzmir Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) General Assembly of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which terminated the phaeton activities in İzmir province, has purchased a total of 36 horses and 16 phaetons after the completion of legal regulations and brought them to İzmir Wildlife Park.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which terminated the phaeton service in Alsancak-Kordon region through 1 May by means of İZULAŞ Phaeton Plant, canceled the “Phaeton Working Principles and Procedures Directive larda which was implemented in previous years with the decision of General Assembly of İzmir Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME). phaeton transportation has ended its activity throughout İzmir. Following the completion of the legislations for the city Karşıyakaİzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which put an end to the activities of 16 in Selçuk, 12 in Selçuk and Dikili, brought the purchased 32 horse and 16 phaeton to İzmir Wildlife Park.

Strict follow-up on runaway carriages

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is closely monitoring the illegal phaeton activities. Police teams illegally caught phaeton while the first warning to those caught, the activity continues, but the decision of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to impose fines and seizures. As a result of the strict supervision of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, four more horses were brought to the Izmir Wildlife Park and the total number of horses brought to the Park was 36.

Regular care of horses

Horses brought to İzmir Wildlife Park are regularly cared for. Tevfik Bettemir, the Director of İzmir Natural Life Park Branch, Nursery Protection Branch Manager stated that the horses were taken care of very well and said, iyle As of today, the number of horses brought to our Natural Life Branch Directorate were taken under safe care. We feed our horses with alfalfa mixture feed and other additives. At the same time, we have installed automatic irrigation systems for drinking completely clean water. Living spaces are also cleaned regularly. ”

Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP), which emphasizes that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has achieved an incredible first SözcüSule Baylan said, özgürlük When we came here, the freedom we saw and the happiness of the horses made us happy. Because it was a struggle we have been dealing with for years. Torch burned from Izmir. The horses now have no whip, they have their own free space, they eat their food and walk around. This has been achieved with the awareness created by the public in the struggle we have fought for years and the vision of our president. We saw them healthy here, we are very happy ”.


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