Tram Schedules in Eskisehir

tram services in eskisehir were compacted
tram services in eskisehir were compacted

With the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, ESTRAM has increased its number of tram services in order to reduce the density of trams. Announcing the start of the winter work program, ESTRAM announced that 7 separate trams will perform 1253 flights per day.

With the closure of schools, 24 started its summer work program in June. Sharing the changing program from the website and social media accounts, ESTRAM announced that 9 flights will be made during the day. With the new arrangement, the frequency of flights was as follows: Bus Station-SSK line 1253 minutes, Osmangazi University-SSK line 8 minutes, Bus Station-Osmangazi University line 8 minutes, City Hospital-Opera line 16 minutes, Çankaya- Osmangazi University line 8 minutes, Batıkent -SSK line was determined as 20 minutes and Çamlıca-SSK line was determined as 18 minutes.

Citizens can find detailed information about tram services. is web site.

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