30 Kilometers Concrete Road Completed in Eskisehir

kilometer concrete road completed in eskisehir
kilometer concrete road completed in eskisehir

The construction of the 30 kilometer concrete road between Han and Seyitgazi, which was started by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality in the last months, was completed. On the day of the completion of the project, the Mayor of Seyitgazi and Ugur Tepe, together with the officials of the Metropolitan Municipality, carried out an investigation on the road with the village headmen and the citizens.

Turkey's attempted and successful results obtained in various cities 'Concrete Road' starting at Inonu Metropolitan Municipality last year to practice, work continues unabated in the countryside. Metropolitan Municipality, which provides labor saving in concrete road works which are made for half-cost of hot asphalt and has a much longer life, is located between Han-Seyitgazi. Cevizli-Bardakçı-Hankaraağaç-Gökçekuyu neighborhoods covering the 30 kilometer road has been completed.

On the day of the work, Mayor of Seyitgazi Uğur Tepe and metropolitan municipality officials examined the work at the site and thanked the staff for making the road safe and comfortable for the citizens. Uğur Tepe stated that the work was completed in a short time with the instruction of President Büyükerşen and said: We continuously followed the construction of the road closely. Our teams have worked with great devotion, I thank them very much. We will work with our Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with our district will sign much better services. ”


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