SAMULAŞ Call for 'Domestic Production' in Rail System Parts

domestic production call for rail system parts
domestic production call for rail system parts

SAMULAŞ's Yer Nativeization dikkati presentation attracted attention at the International New Generation Railway Technologies Conference held in Istanbul and the Wheel Bandage Project attracted great attention.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Project Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Singing. ve Tic. A.Ş. (SAMULAŞ) participated in the New Generation Railway Technologies Conference held in Istanbul with its presentation on 'Domestication' of consumables that caused millions of lira to be paid out. The Wheel Bandage Project, which was produced by SAMULAŞ last year, attracted great attention.


urban rail operators in Turkey, met in New Generation Rail Technology Conference held in Istanbul. In this important conference, Deputy General Managers Ziya Kalafat and Gökhan Beler represented SAMULAŞ, which prioritized the activities of Yer Localization arı of the parts used in the rail system including trams. Deputy General Manager Ziya Kalafat made a presentation on 'Necessary in order to sustain the Indigenous Movement Hareket.


SAMULAŞ Deputy General Manager Ziya Kalafat said: ası The supply of consumables, which are among the most important expenses of our enterprises, rather than imported, will reduce the costs rather than domestic production. The most important step to be taken in this direction will be to include such materials in the scope of 'Strategic Product'. We believe that our state should focus on this issue especially through KOSGEB ”.


Ziya Kalafat, who explained the activities carried out on the Band Wheel Bandage ve which constitutes one of the most important cost items of SAMULAŞ and the point reached, told iya Going to cooperate with the University of our city, 'the local production of the wheel bandage after the project we realized. we provide. For this reason, we have created an important added value as SAMULAŞ thanks to the wheel bandages produced by the company we have agreed in Ankara. ”


Deputy General Manager Ziya Kalafat reminded that they started to use local trams in Samsun as well as Italian and Chinese productions. For this purpose, we make approximately 20 million Euros of purchases every year. For this reason, we need to start producing wheel bandages as soon as possible. By making domestic and national production of this material, we have to ensure that millions of lira remain in our country. As SAMULAŞ, we think that we set an important example in this direction. ”

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