DHMİ's Channel to Cancel Istanbul Report Changed

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

The State Airports Authority first made an assessment stating that it did not approve the project by saying “it makes Istanbul Airport unusable” for the Canal Istanbul Project. Two weeks later, he took a step back from his own assessment and submitted an assessment to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, stating that this assessment was done "inadvertently".

According to Mahmut Iıcalı from the Republic; Launched by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the Kanal Istanbul project ÇED In the process, the State Airports Authority's (DHMİ) view that the project will render the Istanbul Airport unusable within two weeks. CHP Deputy Chairman Muharrem Erkek said, “Dude-sergeant relationship is the key to finding bureaucrat and the membership of the congregation and the key to bureaucracy.“ dead. So, what happens to the qualified public official? He is pressured to tell the right thing, he is withdrawing..


5.8 magnitude earthquake last week in Istanbul; unplanned urbanization debates again Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report The process turned out to be experiencing a major unplanned scandal. Within the scope of the EIA process initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, State Airports Authority (DHMİ) was asked on 27 on February 2018 for its opinion on the Kanal Istanbul project. In the EIA opinion sent by DHMİ General Directorate on 15 March 2018, it was pointed out that 29 will negatively affect the airport opened on October 2018.

In the article prepared before Istanbul Airport has been opened yet, Kanal Kanal Istanbul project area, which is one of the projects of the century, which is one of the projects of the century, is passing through the westernmost runway, the other areas are approaching-departure surface, interior horizontal surface and conical surface. With this project, it will be impossible to open the Istanbul New Airport to flight. Channel Istanbul and Istanbul New Airport projects should be complementary, not harmful. ” In the article, it is stated that the Channel Istanbul project is not deemed appropriate in terms of not shading the airport which is expected to have 3 thousand 500 aircraft traffic per day when all runways are opened for use.


One week after the negative opinion within the scope of the EIA, 22 March, 2018 DHMİ General Directorate sent a second letter to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and stated that the opinions in the first article were written.

In the second article of DHMİ, ilgi The interest (27 dated February 2018) requested from the opinions of the General Directorate about the EIA application file (15 March 2018 dated) was written in writing and our work on the EIA application file of the project and the project continues. For this reason, our final opinions about the Canal Istanbul Project EIA application file will be sent to your Ministry after a detailed examination and evaluation. ”

The new EIA opinion dated March 27, which replaced the opinion that DHMİ has written on the wheel, stating that it was written in writing, was changed. In the new opinion letter of DHMİ, the said section stated that “Some of the project areas of the Kanal Istanbul project are within the Atatürk Airport Mania Plan, which is in our operational inventory, and some of them remain within the Istanbul New Airport Mania Plan, which is in IGA operation. It is the opinion of our General Directorate that any system to mislead planes should not be used in compliance with the criteria of the current Atatürk Airport Obstacle Plan and Istanbul New Airport Mania Plan approved by the Directorate General ”.


CHP Deputy Chairman Muharrem Male, Channel Istanbul's ruling said the scandal that took place in the EIA process under the project pointed out that the show can not govern Turkey. Noting that such examples are experienced in every field, the CHP Man said, “Dude-sergeant relationship, community membership and allegiance became the key to finding and rising place in bureaucracy. So, what happens to the qualified public official? He gets pressured because he's telling the right thing, he's pulling back. As they retreat, the result is obvious. Train accidents, disasters, massacres are happening because of neglect and incompetence..

He said that power has destroyed the traditions of the state that have settled for hundreds of years and added: “The state is rotten. Look at the appointed ambassadors. In the tradition of the state, is an ambassador appointed with such a network of corruption and bribery and not of foreign policy origin? The world's largest in Turkey's history of investment they made the airport.


On the other hand, they say we will do crazy projects. Imagine how unplanned work is being done. One project conflicts with another, making it unusable. Moreover, the bureaucrats who write the truth, warn, and prepare scientific and technical opinions are under pressure and their opinion is changed and displaced. If Channel Istanbul will harm nature, environment, people and previous investments, you cannot prevent this with pressure from the bureaucracy. If you rule the state with a culture of allegiance, you will refute it. Your foundation must be merit and justice. They continue to betray Istanbul. ”

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