Customs Authorized Obligation Certificate to DHL Express

dhl expresse customs clearance authorized certificate
dhl expresse customs clearance authorized certificate

DHL Express became the first international fast air transport company issued by the Ministry of Commerce, which provides companies with ease and privileges in customs procedures, and has an internationally recognized endiril Authorized Liability Certificate ”.

DHL Express, the world's leading international fast air transport company, has been granted the Authorized Obligation Certificate (YYS) issued by the Customs and Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce only to trusted companies that meet the conditions specified in the legislation.

The certificate, which has international validity under the name of “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO), is given to companies that fulfill their customs obligations, have a regular and traceable registration system, have financial standards, safety and security standards and can perform their own self-control.

Istanbul Regional Director of Customs and Foreign Trade Ozden Yalcin's family presented the certificate on behalf of DHL Express Turkey Operations Deputy General Manager Mustafa took Tonguc.

In his assessment of the issue, Mustafa Tonguç said, sektör As the first and only company in the field of fast air cargo transportation, we have documented that we meet certain conditions such as safety and reliability, traceability, access to information and documents. We were very proud of the trust shown to us by the Ministry of Commerce and the Customs Directorate. We know that the certificate also brings new responsibilities to our company and employees. Accordingly, we take great care to ensure full compliance with procedures in all customs processes as usual. We see this certificate as an important step in furthering our cooperation with the Customs Directorate and we believe that we will have the opportunity to work even closer in the coming period. ”

About the Authorized Liability Certificate

4458 Customs Law No. 5 / substance pursuant Accredited liable Certification organized by trade and including free zones within the objectives streamline customs procedures built into the customs territory of Turkey, is given to companies operating at least 3 years with real and legal persons, public institutions and organizations. There are currently only 450 companies with this certificate.

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