Four Sides of Adana Meet with Asphalt

devotee meets four asphalt
devotee meets four asphalt

Adana Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalting works in rural areas and central districts

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs Department of Road Branch teams, Yumurtalik District Sugözü neighborhood asphalting work began. In addition, asphalting work was performed in Yüreğir district.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Works Road Branch teams Yumurtalık District Sugözü Neighborhood and İSKEN Sugözü Thermal Power Plant and Emba Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant started the work on the road between the remaining. Bitumen Hot Asphalt (BSK) work between the 3200 meter long 10 meter wide road between Yumurtalik-Ceyhan Highway and Sugözü Neighborhood is continuing on the 4000 meter wide 8 meter wide road between the ISKEN Sugözü Thermal Power Plant and the EmNa Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Department of Branch Office Road Branch teams operating in the district administrative court began paving work in the parking lot. Road Branch Directorate teams, Regional Administrative Court parking area of ​​approximately 6500 square meters of Bitumen Hot Asphalt (BSK) work continues with the coating.

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