Today in History: 30 September 1917 The tram in Konya is just the beginning of the century

konyin horse-drawn trams
konyin horse-drawn trams

Today in History
30 September 1931 Samsun-Sivas line (372 km) was completed and opened for operation. The line cost 29.200.000 pounds total.
30 October 1917 In Konya, the tram was known from the beginning of the century. Grand Vizier, Ferit Pasha, who was the governor of Konya in 1917, was also engaged in electric tram in Thessaloniki.
the horse-drawn tram there was transported to Konya. After the Atatürk monument, the horse-drawn tram would pass through Gazi High School and reach the old Park Cinema. The second tram departing from the Government House was going to the Sultan Selim Mosque. The 30 kilometer-mounted horse-drawn tramway's Konya adventure didn't last long; Trams carrying passengers and cargo up to 1930
Removed from. The following picture shows a horse-drawn tramway carrying workers from the Konya railway station to the sugar factory;

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