Cruise Ships Return to Izmir

cruise ships freezing back to izmire
cruise ships freezing back to izmire

With the joint efforts of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir Chamber of Commerce, cruise ships were provided to make regular flights to İzmir again.

Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and Oğuz Özkardeş, a member of the Board of Directors of İzmir Chamber of Commerce, held a long-term cooperation agreement with the Costa company in Genoa, Italy.

The first time in December 2020

May Cruise ships that haven't been to Izmir since 2017 will anchor in Izmir Port again at December 2020. Cruise ships will continue to arrive in Izmir Bay after 2021.

It will also contribute to Izmir artisans

Approximately 3 thousand people travel in each cruise ship and this way, it is aimed to reach nearly one million additional tourists to İzmir starting from 2023. Saying that the Gulf is a great value for the development of İzmir's tourism, Mayor Soyer said, “I am very pleased that our election promise will be realized in a short time. The revival of cruise tourism will also contribute to Izmir tradesmen. ”

Mahmut Özgener, President of Izmir Chamber of Commerce; Olumlu It is a source of pride for all of us that the work of the chamber of commerce has been positive for more than a year. The revival of the port is of great importance for the development of İzmir's economy. ”

Joint work will continue

The return of cruise ships to İzmir was one of Tunç Soyer's election promises. The Izmir Chamber of Commerce has been working extensively since April 2018. The joint efforts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Chamber of Commerce to support cruise tourism will continue increasingly.



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