Çorlu Train Disaster Victim Aktürk's only wish is a prosthetic arm

corlu railway disaster magduru akturkun only request a prosthesis arm
corlu railway disaster magduru akturkun only request a prosthesis arm

Nurduvan Aktürk, aged 58, who made his living as a salesman, chose the more affordable train to buy the materials he would sell in the market. Shortly after the train movement, such as the massacre that occurred in the accident lost his arm. The unfortunate woman who has cancer after 9 months after the accident needs to get a prosthetic arm to work again and hold on to life. However, when the TCDD failed to remedy the grievances of the passengers, they slammed the court's door and opened a lawsuit for compensation in order to reach the prosthetic arm.

SözcüAccording to the news from Sevgim Begüm Yavuz; Du Nurduvan Aktürk, who earns his living by working as a salesman, lost his arm in a train accident in Çorlu last year in 8 July, where 25 was killed and 340 was injured.

Nurduvan Aktürk, the mother of an 58-year-old child, took the train to Istanbul to buy supplies for the market. A few minutes after the train moved in rainy weather, a terrible accident occurred.

25 person died 340 people were injured in the tragedy, the wagon toppled from the train with their own means and reached through the mud to reach the tractor Çorlu State Hospital Aktürk'un body grabbed infection.

Having undergone a long treatment process and surgery, Aktürk started to recover by taking psychological support and was caught with cancer.

corlu railway disaster magduru akturkun only request a prosthesis arm
corlu railway disaster magduru akturkun only request a prosthesis arm


Nurduvan Aktürk who had difficulty in making a living because he could not do his job, could not reach the prosthetic arm he needed because the grievances experienced after the accident were not resolved. Nurduvan Aktürk, suffering from cancer and having chemotherapy treatment, said that she was a working woman all her life and now she could not even open a bag by herself. Aktürk said that he went to Istanbul to buy materials almost every week and said, “We started to drift after 12 minutes. The screams were rising. We were in the dark. Then I realized I didn't have an arm and wrapped my scarf, anlat he explains.


Stating that 1 was released after receiving treatment in the hospital for a month and a half, Aktürk said, “I am an annual market trader of 23. I got depressed when I got home. I was a working person, but now I can't put anything in the bag. Or


Nurduvan Aktürk says that TCDD does not provide insurance to its passengers and therefore their grievances have not been remedied. But we're having trouble because I can't work. My wife is retired and works in the field if work happens. I only have one daughter and she's gonna give birth. I need a coke. I was on a train trip because it was cheap. I got my return ticket on the train and it was an accident. ”


At the date of the accident, TCDD does not have any individual seat insurance to protect passengers or a collateral system that can protect survivors. However, trains and the citizens they carry are in need of an insurance system because the citizens traveling on the train are always at risk. ”


Lawyer Arıkan explained that the citizens who were injured in the accident filed a claim for compensation in Consumer Courts because of receiving tickets from TCDD and said: için For victims, we made a notification informing TCDD about our losses and the amount of compensation to be paid. However, we did not respond to any case by the institution, we entered the process. Lawsuits are totally pushed into a duty-authority conflict vortex. In the case of the Consumer Courts, the courts in the case of the Consumer Courts reject the cases by claiming that they are not in the jurisdiction and the administrative court is the administrative judiciary ”.


The accused TCDD 1 on the grounds that they were found to be 'fundamentally flawed' in the occurrence of the accident. Regional Directorate Halkalı 14. Railway Maintenance Manager Turgut Kurt, Çerkezköy Road Maintenance and Repair Chief Özkan Polat, bridges chief Çetin Yıldırım and line maintenance and repair officer Celaleddin Çabuk were asked to be sentenced between 2 and 15 years for olmak causing death and injury by negligence ”.

Çorlu 1. At the hearing held last week at the Assize Court, the court decided in its interim decision to apply a judicial control measure to an accused, to continue the judicial control measure applied to the accused, to abolish the judicial control measure of an accused.


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