Çorlu Train Disaster Case Postponed To 10 December

corlu train disaster case postponed range
corlu train disaster case postponed range

Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, 25 people died and 328 people were injured in the second trial of the train accident in the Çorlu Public Education Center continues.

One dayAccording to the news Gökay Başca'nın; CD TCDD 1 Regional Directorate at the hearing held yesterday and to be continued today Halkalı Turgut Kurt, who served as the Railway Maintenance Manager at the 14 Second Railway Maintenance Directorate, Çerkezköy Özkan Polat, Road Maintenance and Repair Chief at the Road Maintenance Chief, Celaleddin Çabuk, who was the Line Maintenance and Repair Officer at the Road Maintenance Chief and Çetin Yıldırım, the Chief of Bridges, made the defense.

The decision taken in court Turgut Kurt, Ozkan Polat, Cetin Yildirim's request for the arrest, "the defendants to follow the hearing regularly, evaluated within the scope of the whole file" was rejected.

The hearing was scheduled to resume tomorrow at 09.00.

Expressions of families and wounded started

Bahattin Doğrul (Injured in the accident): ”I was going to get a train ticket. They said we can't cut tickets because it's raining. The conductor came when I got on the train but didn't cut the ticket. Then I had to pay the fee in Muratlı. I thought he was going to be a victim of an accident. I don't remember anything after that. I'm crippled by my neck right now. My children and my wife were with me, one of my children's head exploded. I was treated at the state hospital, they said you will not pay any money, but they took my money. I paid up 4000 TL. I'm complaining about all those responsible. ”

Aysun Köse, the mother of Sena Köse: If this hadn't happened, we'd have gone to courtroom. Within the first week, a doctor came to an official and an official from TCDD. I said the road guards have been fired. I said you couldn't pay your salary. The TCDD official also said to me that there is no need for them to have these jobs signaling. I then researched that ours would be held at the beginning of 2020. Ours there did not have signaling. I was cheated from the beginning. I mislead me. AFAD said to me that your children was a tabular. AFAD misinformed me. We couldn't get into the hospital. I'm complaining to the health department. We couldn't get into the hospital. We were able to sneak through the staff gate. Maybe I was going to have a heart attack. They said there was no death, no wounded. I complain about every institution. This train has been reduced to two hours. I trusted him. That's why I sent my child down that road. Un You look younger than you are, iler they told me. They stepped up for snow. I believe this was done for the show. I want to be punished to the top of those who have the authority to sign.

Sena Köse's father Gürkan Köse: We want to trust your delegation. We learned about the accident and arrived there in an hour. There was no transportation, we got there in a grind. We reached Çorlu State Hospital. They said everybody's alive. We're going upstairs, nobody's down, we're going downstairs, they're upstairs. This is the most false news that went to hard. We waited till morning. The words I told my wife went to trouble. They told my wife, siniz You are younger. ” I'm complaining from everyone from A to Z.

View Funda's Full Profile The day before our relative had a wedding, we went to Uzunköprü. I didn't want to go because the journey was taking a long time because I knew it took hours before the 3-4, but the kids insisted. Investigated very curious 'mother is now going fast train' they said. The next day we went and got our ticket, he wasn't stopping in the villages, we thought he was going faster than that. We set off at the Sarılar train station slowed down. 'My daughter wouldn't stop here?' I asked. Likewise, he slowed down when he passed Muratlı. But on the turn, the train was too fast, there were too many passengers, there were plenty of standing passengers and there was no 360 passengers in any way. I even had one of my feet sit next to my daughter, and they sat down on the descendants. At the center, there was a jump, and after the jump, the windows began to shake. We were the first wagon to fall. When the windows started to tremble, my daughters lay in the middle of the couch and I slept on them. We thought it wouldn't splash if the windows broke. At that moment there was an explosion, the one that separated me from my children. I blacked out. When I came to look at both sides of my daughter could not find. Then I threw myself out and it was so bad. Two mechanics came, 'Empty around the train may fire' they said. I said, 'My kids are under that wagon' because I didn't walk around the wagon twice. At that moment they could say there were people under the wagon. When my wife came, I told my wife, she went back inside the car and looked. We went to Tekirdağ State Hospital with our own facilities. The news came, 'Your daughters are good' they said. I got the serum out of my arm and I left. It was obvious that people are under the wagon, we have a rescue team of the Republic of Turkey, does not have an emergency team? I want to sue the Republic of Turkey, how we live, we live in the cotton yarn? I work as a teammate in a private company and receive training twice a year to protect the health of customers in an emergency. I wonder whether the employees in this state deserved from the beginning to the end or did they come by morning or salute. Doesn't it matter the lives of these people? I gave two of my kids. I'm going to do their fullest. I'm also complaining to anyone responsible.

Ahmet Can: I lost my 5-year-old son because of neglect in the world's most reliable transport. While we were suffering, a presidential celebration is held as if nothing happened in the country the day after the incident. Our lives are gone, but it makes no difference to them. This state does not claim us. I'm complaining who's responsible. I have another son, and I don't want to lose him in a similar event in the future.

Melike Can, who lost her 5-year-old son on the train: 2 did not help us for hours. I got out of the train with my own struggle. The state has no helicopter.

Erkan Duman, who lost his wife and injured his wife during the massacre: I read it in the mechanics' statement. First of all, he called his superior instead of an ambulance. 'Priorities make way.' Since I am not an employee of TCDD, my goal is to save people. I called my wife in the wagons. We're alive. My son's psychology is broken. He can't board a plane or a bus. I'd lose my son if I wasn't one of the first to get there.

Emre Kocaağa: 'How are you, where are you and how are you?' There is no one to call us and ask. But if they bring the 4 person and present it to us, we want the person above, so they can come and stand here. I operated on my own, I have 3 platinum in my spinal cord and I am still under treatment. I was on the train and the train was very crowded. There were no officers at the station to buy tickets, and there was no one to cut on the train. They say we can't stop because there is a power outage but there was no power outage. There were even people sitting on the train. When we say we're guilty, they were shouting at us and acting wrong. '

Fatma Şahin, who was on the train with her son and daughter and lost her son: My son was under that big train. I left everything there. I close my eyes and I see my son

Erkan Duman, who lost his wife and injured his wife during the massacre: I was at Corlu Station when the train crashed. I followed my own fire truck and ambulances, but they couldn't find the scene. My son was sitting on the side of the road so I went running. At that moment there was no police, gendarmerie. I told my son where your mom was, my mom died, dad. I said we'il find your mother. I went into the wagon, maybe I could save someone if I didn't. I opened the body bags one by one to see if I had a wife. They called me and said your wife was in surgery, but my wife was dead, I think they did it on purpose. Because they wanted to clear the road as soon as possible, paying the waiting fee for the other wagons. I suppose, according to them, this fee is more valuable than our lives. The helicopters didn't carry any wounded, they carried the bodies. The first intervention was very important, but people died in a life of death. We are neither railwayman nor tcdd, but we know who is the culprit.

Kemal Kurtuluş who lost his baby and wife: I went to the station attendant and asked him where the train was overturned and said he had no information. I went to the scene, but there was no child. Then we went to the morgue, I couldn't, how could I? 6 was monthly. I do not accept the prosecution of the 4 person and the exclusion of the TCDD. I'm also complaining about TCDD.

Zehra Bilgin, who lost her daughter, nephew, siblings: I lost my sparkling son, my brothers, my 5 monthly nephew because of someone's negligence. The children had read the fairy tales of the train, which was a pink dream of dust. They always saw her passing by, they wanted to. We went there so that every side was full of death, every side was full of apocalypse. How is it that in this age of technology, they look at the weather on television and go out next time? 6 I get a thousand pounds, 5 I get a thousand pounds they tell they deserve the money they receive? I buried my baby, I buried my brothers. The 25 family went to the 25 can gone. I want to see that mechanic here. I never accept the expert report, indictment involving people with commercial relations. If Çorlu was taken after the measure, Ankara would not exist. Until my last breath, until the last drop of blood I complain. '

Huseyin Sahin: The first moment I came to the scene I touched my child's arm, it was hot. Paramedics from the ambulance are looking for more severely injured. I'm trying to take a shovel and digging my hands out of my hands, the officers there are trying to push us away. They're standing there watching us. I go to my son's grave, my neck is bent, I can't raise my head. Why is that? He was not brought to justice.

Huseyin Sahin: The first moment I came to the scene I touched my child's arm, it was hot. Paramedics from the ambulance are looking for more severely injured. I'm trying to take a shovel and digging my hands out of my hands, the officers there are trying to push us away. They're standing there watching us. I go to my son's grave, my neck is bent, I can't raise my head. Why is that? He was not brought to justice.

Cihan Subaşı: My head exploded in the accident, 40 stitches on my head. My left arm, my ankle was cut, my back bone was broken, my neck was cracked, my ribs were broken, my lung was extinguished. I couldn't get up, the door was on me. I dug the mud with one arm and dug like a tunnel under the wagon. Somebody grabbed me. I waited for the 1,5 watch first aid to arrive.

Ismail Kartal who lost his parents in the massacre: My sister reached me around 6. The clock at the Sarıld location was around 7. We went to the area where the accident was running from the bottom of Sarılad that the road was cut and the train could not be entered further. My mother and father traveled on the train. From the moment I arrived at the scene of the accident, I saw the tragic event there. There was a mess under the name of the rescue work. I wanted to help because I received first aid training, but the teams tried to keep us away from the field as much as possible. Recovery work was not performed properly. Many processes were carried out under the name of document signing how the institution was evacuated. General Manager of TCDD from the Ministry of Interior İsa Apaydın how can not be held responsible for this disaster. I was at the scene of the accident until 11 midnight, and I saw the tank pallet arrive. 25 gave human life.

Mısra Öz Sel: I raised my 9-year-old son before he got trash. We were back from vacation the day of the incident. When he got on the train to go to Uzunköprü with his father, my son called me with a video call and threw photos from inside the train. He told me he was coming, but my kid couldn't. Why is that? Because of neglect. While talking with the video, I noticed that my child, who always wears a seat belt, does not have a seat belt on the train. I went to the train station to pick them up, when I arrived at the scene it was 8. I could not enter the scene I had to go to Corlu State Hospital. On the day of the incident, the police and gendarmes did not pass anyone who had blocked the road. I wanted to go to the scene, begging my child to be there. I think I boarded a car carrying water, promising a civilian cop to carry water. It's just me. On the way, two officers were talking: We are going with this car, but this car does not enter there that sink this car is slime. They said we need permission. Should I get permission at a time like this? Since the car could not go to the train, we had to land after a certain place. When I got out of the car, I was confronted with the words, k To whom have you brought the water, there is no one living there ”. I finally got on a tractor and went to the scene. When I got there, it was 20.30. The scene was a mess. I also saw the teams that fed their bellies with pizza boxes in their hands. I go to the gendarmerie “My child is dead. There is no name in any hospital and it has not been mentioned since the morning sabah. They didn't tell me at the scene, but my father Mehmet Öz saw what my child was doing. That night when they gave the person's tc identity number and the name and surname, they told him which hospital he was in. I came to Çorlu State Hospital and it was in a state of turmoil. 23 at night: I heard that I lost my son like 30. That night, all the prosecutors in the hospital relatives of the deceased, although they saw all the cases of the deceased, I'm surprised how experts appointed that file. First of all, I am complaining about these two experts. Following the incidents, while preparing the indictment, was it possible to read the identity of the funerals? I had my child in the bags that were separated as ABC. He never complained? I didn't give birth to lose my child. Senior bureaucrats of the period, TCDD General Directorate and all employees of the TCDD complain I do not accept the indictment.

Nuriye Violin, who was injured in the accident with her husband: 'My back was broken, the 8 platinum was attached to me. I had psychological and physical problems. I've never seen a mechanic helping us. The authorities also arrived late. All those responsible should be punished

Semiha Subaşı, who was injured with his son Cihan Subaşı: Sonrası Immediately after the incident, I called 112. They told me they sent a team but couldn't come because of the road. I said, 'What they can not come, they chose to run this task. People are dying dedim

Saliha Erbil: ÇerkezköyWe were living in the lodging. There were 10 meters from the workplace to the house. We have two children, 9 and 6. I've been asking why there's no recruitment and why it's always this way. My wife told me the State Railways didn't hire staff. He left the children back to the village and told me, "I'm on my way." ÇerkezköyHe said he'd be here in ten minutes. My wife worked as a security guard on the state railways. He never signed on what he didn't see. Everyone said I was innocent. Who is guilty? My wife? At midnight they put my wife in a black bag and put her on the helicopter. My wife entrusted her ring to me. I entrust his blood to the orphans. I want justice for my children. I want to believe you again. False false statements were given. Nothing has been done for a year. My wife died of negligence. I ask the employees who do not do their job properly tomorrow, the next day, how will you look at my wife's face? My wife wasn't a cash dispenser, she did her job very fondly. The wheel is always reversing and good people are losing. Please don't lose good people this time. Do not victimize people seeking justice.

Injured in the disaster Zahit Açan: They called me from TCDD after the accident. They asked if they would complain yes when they closed the phone directly to my face

The power of the outlets in the courtroom was cut off by court order saying 'there are cables in the open, it may hit'

Esra lost her mother and father: Immediately after the accident, the Presidential celebration was held, very painful. There was a celebration when mourning was needed.

Nükhet Karasu who lost her mother in the disaster:TCDD's lawyer insulted us, I complain. My mother called me on the train and said she was hungry. My mother died hungry. If my mother is starving in that grave, the responsible ones. I don't want justice under the rails.


After the statements of the families, lawyers took the floor.

TCDD did not investigate any senior officials, requested to participate in the case. TCDD's request came from the victim and complainant lawyers. Victims and complainants' lawyers, "in this file, any request of an institution in this direction is not acceptable karatmaması said," he said.

Speaking about the expert report, the lawyers stated that those who were awarded the tender for the culverts were later appointed as experts. In this file, the persons who should be tried as suspects are appointed as experts ”.


Hayrettin Çetin, one of the complainants' lawyers, argued that the incident was not “accident, but cinayet murder with possible caste”.

Çetin said, sonrası After the statements of the defendants and the obvious negligence, we are not accidental; we call murder with possible intent. u

Ç We state that the proceedings of the proceedings cannot continue with these reports and the defendants. We demand the appointment of a new expert panel and the prosecution of all those responsible. ”

Lawyer Duygu Arslan, who pointed out the TMOOB report in the file, stated that “the removal of the engineer's signature in the building permits actually paves the way for all these events alan.


Finally, the defendants were promised. The defendants said they did not accept the charges against them.

The hearing was suspended for an hour and a half.


The court gave the interim decision after the break.

Interim decision to ask the action plan to TCDD'ye, the formation of an expert panel on the requests again, the rejection of TCDD's request to participate in the court was decided.

10 as the date of the next hearing Range set.


At the first hearing of the case held at the Çorlu Court of Justice Conference Hall on July 3, the families of the survivors were not admitted to the hall on the grounds that there was no room and the families were beaten. Lawyers, who ordered the coup to determine who made a sense of crime. The court prosecutor also supported the decision to file a criminal complaint and asked the court to determine who had ordered it. Upon the criminal complaint and the petition, the court delegation announced that it had withdrawn from the case and sent the file to the 2 Heavy Penal Court. The 2 Heavy Penal Court rejected the decision of the delegation to withdraw from the case.

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