Expert Report Laundering TCDD in Çorlu Train Accident

corlu train accident expert report laundering tcddyi cope
corlu train accident expert report laundering tcddyi cope

A new report will be prepared instead of an expert report laundering TCDD in 25 train accident in which 340 citizen lost their lives and XNUMX passenger was injured. CHP Tekirdag Deputy Ilhami Ozcan Aygun, the new expert committee TCDD and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with no consultancy or business relationship, objective and impartial actors are expected to be created by the expert academics, he said.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report of Mustafa Çakır, it was decided to establish a new expert committee at the Çorlu 8st High Criminal Court where the train accident that caused the death of 25 citizens and the injuries of 340 passengers in Çorlu on 1 July. Aygun, the CHP stressed that the decision was not reliable and objective, and that the report prepared by the former expert delegation of academics advising the TCDD administration and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was not reliable and was not accepted in public conscience. Aygun pointed out that the former expert committee provided consultancy services to the General Directorate of TCDD between 2009-2014, and that he was the renovation project consultant of the Thrace Railway Line between 2012-2014 and Marmaray Project Consultancy in 2017. Saying that “it is obvious that the names that provide consultancy to the Ministry and TCDD do not meet the expectation of preparing an objective report,” said Aygun, adding that the new expert delegation will be selected from ray experts working at Yıldız Technical University, Anadolu University, Sakarya University and Istanbul Technical University. Aygun stated that they expect the new delegation to be formed from expert academicians who will act objectively and impartially with no consultancy or business relationship with the TCDD and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Stating that the new committee listed all the negligence related to the accident and demanded that the senior executives prepare a scientific report revealing their responsibility in the accident, Aygun continued as follows: “In the court; The statements of the defendants on trial are a confession of the negligence and unscientific management approach of TCDD. Line maintenance and repair officer Celaleddin Çabuk, one of the defendants on trial, said that he was solely responsible for 250 bridges and 2 culverts from Edirne Kapıkule to Eskişehir, that he had no workers and masters, and that the old expert's report was not even remotely related to the railway legislation. Quick, kazanHe explained that he had previously reported that there was no ballast retaining wall in 400 culverts, including the culvert, but the necessary action was not taken. The statements of one of the defendants on trial, Turgut Kurt, Railway Maintenance Manager, are also a confession of the shortage of experts in TCDD. Kurt stated that the cadres of road watchmen to prevent accidents had been emptied since 2001, and that he wrote many times to refill these cadres, and that despite this, no additional measures were taken. Saying that there were 9 road watchmen on this line before, Kurt explained the importance of road guards.”


Aygun explained that there is no unit to work in coordination between TCDD and the General Directorate of Meteorology, and that 39 road crossing control officers (road guards) are currently on duty. Aygun said, “A road guard goes about 10 km a day and travels 10 km. Considering the future, the number of road watchmen should be around 1200. in Çorlu kazanThere should have been at least 5 road guards in the area where the It is not possible for a single line maintenance officer to control a large area. A new hearing in the case will be held on December 10.

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