Bus usage in Denizli has become more attractive

bus use in the sea has become more attractive
bus use in the sea has become more attractive

The arrangements implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in public transportation were welcomed by many segments. Gerzele, Hallaçlar, Zeytinköy and Kervansaray District Mukhtars said that they are greatly pleased with the arrangements made in the municipal buses.

The transformation initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in public transport for the faster, more economical and comfortable travel of the people of Denizli was welcomed by many segments. Within the scope of the works initiated with a better understanding of service to more citizens in urban public transportation, increasing settlement area, population densities and needs were analyzed individually and it was aimed to use the routes in the most efficient way. Citizens welcomed the regulation launched in public transport, while increasing the number of passengers, especially bus trips, more points easier, more quickly and more economically said that the happiness of reaching.

Bus usage has become more attractive

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan stated that the transformation they started for faster, more economical and comfortable travel is progressing efficiently and that the regulations are welcomed by many segments. Mayor Osman Zolan stated that winter time schedule was started with the opening of the schools and that the existing routes continued to increase the number of flights and put additional bus lines to the regions where needed. Osman travel, ”he said.

Thanks to Mayor Osman Zolan

The transformation initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in public transportation was welcomed by many. Gerzele, Hallaçlar, Zeytinköy and Kervansaray Neighborhood Mukhtars made a great satisfaction from the arrangements made as residents of the neighborhood said.

Zeytinköy District Headman Serkan Kar: Our municipal buses previously served as 2 lines in our neighborhood. Currently this number is on the 6 line. We were pleased as the neighborhood. In the past, our citizens could only go to Bayramyeri and 15 Çınar. Now you can go directly to the cable car, Pamukkale University, Land Registry, Courthouse, Servergazi Hospital and many other places. In the past, our citizens used more than one bus or minibus. We are very pleased with the new line arrangement. Mayor Osman Zolan assured us what was done and what to do, I thank him very much.

Hallaçlar District Headman Hamdi Yıldırım: Previously, bus transportation was possible once an hour. Now this time has fallen. It was nicer for us. On our previous route, we were going to Denizli center in 55 minutes and now we reach the average 20-25 minutes. The routes are shortened, it's pleasing. The bus goes directly to the city center. Good for both our students and citizens who go to work in the morning. Our Mayor Osman Zolan is always with us, we are in constant consultation, and I thank them and all the laborers. God bless you.

Kervansaray Neighborhood Mukhtar Döne Tuna Bilge: Our neighborhood is far from the center. We had trouble in transportation before. However, with the arrangement made, the buses were replicated and the itineraries changed. we are happy for that. Especially, we can go to regions such as Courthouse, Aydem, Forum Çamlık at one time without transfer. Our citizens are also very pleased. In this sense, we thank Osman Zolan Mayor and Metropolitan Municipality very much.

Gerzele District Mukhtar Kemal Ermiş: The bus arrangement was very good. In the past, buses came at longer intervals, our route was not enough. Now the buses are going around our neighborhood more and turning as they come. The times are also set frequently. Thank you very much to our Mayor Osman Zolan.

Batuhan Dişçi: I am a shopkeeper in Zeytinköy neighborhood and I live in Albayrak Square. Previously I was changing 2 vehicles to come to my workplace. Right now, I can go on a single bus with a line arrangement. It has become very advantageous. I am very pleased with the arrangement and I would like to thank Osman Zolan, the Mayor and Metropolitan Municipality.

Hacer Sultani: 5 I have been living in Denizli for years. I work at Democracy Square. I used to get up to 1 hours ago to get to my workplace, get on the bus and walk the 2 stop. Right now, with the change of routes, I go directly to my workplace and do not waste time. I can have my kids' breakfast and go to work, thank you very much to everyone.

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