Trainings Started at Bursa Model Factory

trainings started in bursa model factory
trainings started in bursa model factory

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) established with the lean manufacturing processes in order to increase productivity and quality Bursa Model Factory trainings for businesses began.

Bursa Model Factory (BMF), carried out by BTSO with the support of Ministry of Industry and Technology General Directorate of Productivity and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), combines theory and practice using experiential learning techniques. The factory accelerates SMEs' transition to digital production, while facilitating the adaptation of Bursalı companies to this process. Model Factory, operating within BTSO BUTEKOM in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, was designed as a real factory environment with production development models.


Trainings started in Bursa Model Factory within the scope of Training-Consultancy stages, which are the basis of Learn-Return application. First of all, the top executives of the company are given trainings about the 19 separate module in order to increase the productivity and quality in the enterprises in the classroom environment. A detailed briefing is given to the employees of the company in different topics ranging from process flows to standardization, from the preparation of value flow schemes to the preparation of work - time studies.


After the theoretical trainings, the managers of the company move into the application area of ​​the Model Factory. This section is a practical presentation of the theoretical presentation to managers. Thanks to the information provided by expert trainers, companies have a significant experience in implementing the digital transformation process in their own businesses.


Bursa Model Factory is not limited to the trainings given to enterprises. Within the scope of in-house consultancy applications, the center continues to stand by companies in the journey from lean production to digital transformation. Experts in charge of Bursa Model Factory provide support for companies to adapt quickly to the process. This application also contributes to the integration of theoretical and practical training methods within the framework of experiential learning principles.


BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay said that BMF, which was designed in line with the demands of Bursa business world, contributed greatly to the preparation of companies for the transformation of the new industry. Mayor Burkay stated that Bursa Model Factory provides guidance to companies in many areas ranging from productivity increase to quality, from lean manufacturing to digital transformation, and that the center provides scalable expansion of enterprises using operational excellence principles and experiential learning techniques. Mayor Burkay, “We believe that our country will move towards a stronger future with national and local moves in line with the vision of 2023, 2053 and 2071. At this point, we see that the acquisition of an important center such as Bursa Model Factory in Bursa is a great advantage for our city. We will continue to provide the necessary infrastructure and human resources needed by our companies in their digital transformation journey. ”


BMF organizes important organizations that will directly benefit companies from learning-return programs in pilot businesses to experiential trainings, awareness-raising seminars, academic projects and product development projects. With these training programs, companies will achieve results such as approaching zero error, not repeating the error again, reacting to sudden changes that may come from the fastest way, producing just in time, eliminating wastes, adopting the KAIZEN way of thinking and making quality a standard value. This process will make it easier for companies to reach the Industry 4.0 level as a result of combining lean manufacturing techniques with digitalization.

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