Viaduct dagger to the bosom of Boztepe

boztepenin bagrina viaduct dagger
boztepenin bagrina viaduct dagger

The connection of Boztepe tunnels with a new viaduct within the framework of Kanuni Boulevard road construction is receiving great reaction. 100 meters will exceed the viaduct feet will be stabbed in the bosom of Trabzon daggers said. While the CSOs' response to the Boztepe viaduct, which will be stabbed in the bosom of the city, continues, especially the former municipality administration is hiding this project from the public.


TMOBB Chamber of Environmental Engineers Headquarters Vildan Özmen, Boztepe'yle AK Party called on. Özmen, "AK Party should not betray Trabzon, this project is a great betrayal of the city," he said. ŞPO President Ercan Şen said that not only the silhouette of Trabzon but also the climate of the viaducts will change. İMO President Muzaffer Aydın responsible for the Regional Director of Highways Selahattin Bayramçavuş about the ugliness in Boztepe.

TMOBB components react to the construction of new viaducts with tunnels opened to Boztepe within the framework of Kanuni Boulevard road construction. Two huge viaducts starting from the Gözaçan Mosque will be piles to the bosom of Trabzon with the feet exceeding 100 meters. Boztepe viaduct will be stabbed like a dagger in the bosom of the city. Vildan Özmen, General Manager of TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers, Ercan Şen, President of TMOBB Chamber of City Planners, and Muzaffer Aydın, President of Chamber of Civil Engineers reacted to the viaduct to be built in Boztepe, the middle of Trabzon.


TMMOB Chamber of Environmental Engineers General Center Manager Vildan Özmen, Boztepe'ye viaducts in this state will be the biggest betrayal of the AK Party in Trabzon claimed. Özmen, all representatives of the AK Party in Trabzon,, Unfortunately, local administrators, especially the previous ones read what they know. I don't know if the destruction in Boztepe will be a return. It was very funny that they would defend themselves with the construction of the excavations down the city. Every place we want to be expropriated cannot be destroyed. If this work continues like this; Provincial administration, local administrators, ministers and deputies will be the biggest betrayal of all. kadar


TMOBB Chamber of City Planners Trabzon Branch President Ercan Şen made striking statements about the viaducts to be built in Boztepe, where the city breathes. Stating that the court process regarding Kanuni Boulevard continues, Şen claimed that the route under construction in Boztepe will not only disrupt the silhouette of the city but also the city in a climatic sense. Chairman Şen said the following about the construction in Boztepe: “The legal process continues. The expert and the court say that there is no problem with the route of the road. However, it is seen that there is a problem with the environment around the road and it has an impact on the settlements and the city. Kanuni Boulevard divided the city into two. It seriously damaged the macro form of the city. Nobody cares about the city. This turned into a chronic disease in Trabzon. Unfortunately, the city has no owner. legal fight kazanEven so, this road has reached a point of no return. If you do it in greening or plant it in the forest, you cannot hide that destruction. As soon as you remove the point where the city breathes from the city, everything starts to become concrete. For this reason, the climate of the city is changing and the city is getting hotter. There is such a catastrophic situation. Trabzon will have problems in terms of visual disaster. Unfortunately, local governments and highways have turned a deaf ear to trade associations.”


Highways should not be inserted into the city stating that the President of the Ercan ŞPO, Trabzon Chamber of Architects President Gürol Ustaömeroğlu'nun "Highways are like the elephant entered the glassware shop," he recalled. Sen, “Highways should not enter the city. Gürol Ustaömeroğlu said, “The highways are like elephants who entered the glassware shop.. He is extremely right. Highways is an institution that distributes every place when it enters the city and acts only according to its own regulations and criteria. They will rightly use their own criteria when making their way according to their own regulations because they aim to reach the shortest distance by the cheapest way. However, transportation within the city is not that way, it is very different. There are different criteria and analyzes. I guess there will be no turning back after this point in Boztepe. We will accept this in some way..


President of Chamber of Civil Engineers Muzaffer Aydın, 10. Regional Director Selahattin Bayramçavuş'un as long as there is no project can not be done for the benefit of the city, he said. Aydın accused Bayramçavuş of the tunnels and viaducts in Boztepe. Since these kinds of projects are the ones that are decided to be built before the alternatives are created by the related parties, these negative images emerge as a result. Trabzon is losing in this. Unfortunately, those who make politics and those who make this decision do these things without consulting the people of Trabzon and those with knowledge. There's a highways regional manager here. As long as this manager is here, I don't think anything will be done for Trabzon. This friend has been here for years. Splitting the neighborhoods into two, high-cost expropriations, viaducts are all disasters in terms of urbanism. My colleague, but this friend is doing evil in Trabzon. There's no such thing in engineering. You put forward a few alternatives in engineering, you discuss it in full length, you do it. These aren't. There is no project. Critics of what they do, "You do not think the goodness of Trabzon," they say. They pity Trabzon. ”(Blew)

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