4 Years ago Warning for Bilecik Train Accident Again Ignored

The warning for the train accident in Bilecik was ignored again years ago
The warning for the train accident in Bilecik was ignored again years ago

Two machinists lost their lives as a result of the derailment of the guide train controlling the high-speed train line (YHT) in Bilecik. But then won the Chamber of Geological Engineers (JMO) of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) warned four years ago that revealed for the region where the Ahmetpınar village of Bilecik.

According to Ismail Sari's report from BirgunIn the report prepared by the Chamber of Geological Engineers (JMO) at 2015, it is seen that the chain of omissions ranging from the tender to the studies of the study. The report stated that TCDD issued an invitation to the accident and said: iki Two separate parts of the Ankara-Istanbul route; The section between 8 kilometers between Karaköy Ahmetpınar Bilecik and Alifuat Paşa-Arifiye contains important geological risks. The speed of the High Speed ​​Train is at 40 km / h in and near these lines. The risk of running high-speed trains on unsafe lines should be known. ”

The results of JMO's Ahmetpınar Bilecik section include the following findings: nedeniyle Due to the fact that geological-geotechnical investigations required to be carried out on the route where the line passes during the investigations have not been carried out at the desired quality and level, the necessary care has not been paid during the construction of the surveys, 29 March 2011 As it can be understood from the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette no.


In the report, it is pointed out that it was in a hurry to open the high-speed train line: It was determined that the necessary attention was not paid in the tenders involving geological and geotechnical surveys and other infrastructure works during the project design phase of the line.

The Chamber also asked TCDD to answer the following questions: On which date was the tender for geological and geotechnical surveys of the parts of the High Speed ​​Train line including the Bozüyük-Bilecik section, including the Karaköy - Ahmetpınar landslide area? Which company has received this tender?

Two Machinists Buried

On the other hand, the deceased machinists Recep Tunaboylu and Sedat Yurtsever was buried yesterday after the funeral prayers.

Chamber of Geological Engineers Bilecik YHT Accident

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For the report prepared by the Chamber of Geological Engineers in 2015 CLICK HERE


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