Train Accident on YHT Line in Bilecik, 2 Mechanic Lost

bilecikte train crash machinist lost his life
bilecikte train crash machinist lost his life

Bilecik derailed due to the derailment of the guide train in the tunnel killed two machinists.

Starting from Ankara, Eskisehir-Alifuatpasa - Eskisehir Yuksel High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line for the control of the electric guided locomotive number 68059, return road (Alifuatpasa-Eskisehir) Km.216 + 145'de, 06.08'de Bilecik connected to the center of the village of Ahmetpınar derailed in the tunnel inside the boundary hit the wall.

Gendarmerie and 112 Emergency Service teams were dispatched to the region upon notice. In the accident, the driver of the guide train Sedat Yurtsever and Recep Tunaboylu lost their lives.

Istanbul-Konya and Istanbul-Ankara lines were temporarily closed, investigation was initiated about the accident learned.


Bilecik Governor Bilal Senturk, the locomotive, Eskisehir and Ali Fuat train stations in Sakarya daily YHT line between the daily control is a guide train, he said.

Referring to the first determinations made after the accident Senturk said: In this way 30 dragged up the meter. Unfortunately, two of our locomotives have passed away. AFAD, our gendarmerie and our high-speed train team pulled the bodies out of the tunnel and transferred them to Eskişehir where their families are. ”


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