Bilecik Math Stop Project

bilecikte stop at the math project was introduced
bilecikte stop at the math project was introduced

Bilecik Municipality and the Directorate of National Education prepared '' Durakta Mathematics '' project was introduced.

Şeyh Edebali Culture and Congress Center, the promotion event held at the stop; Deputy Mayor Melek Mızrak Subaşı, National Education Director Ramazan Çelik, Kozabirlik Primary School Director Hüseyin Çetinkaya, Emine Şentürk Math Project Manager at the stop, teachers and students attended.

Deputy Chairman Subaşı in his brief assessment of the project, Bilecik Municipality and the Directorate of National Education said that a beautiful and useful work done, '' Our teachers prepared a very nice work. We, as Bilecik Municipality, are very happy to be a stakeholder of such a project. I thank everyone who contributed to the project, '' he said.

Project Responsible Emine Şentürk said in a statement; their goal is to make mathematics fun, endearing, stating, said:

'' The name of our project is Mathematics at Stop. Our project was prepared by our Bible teacher in Osmaniye and started to be implemented in 81. 160 teacher. We see that our project has reached international dimensions from national dimension. With our project, we aim to make our people evaluate the waiting time at the stop and to make maths love from 7 to 70 for all age groups. That's why we put fun drawings to the stops. Our goal is to get rid of prejudices and transform mathematics into a hobby. In this sense, we thank our Mayor Semih Şahin and Ramazan Çelik, our National Education Manager, who contributed to us. '

Children also prepared the project is very beautiful, stating that they thank the teachers who prepared. Vice President Subaşı, National Education Director Celik and the students then prepared the images by hanging stalls, took photos.

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